Bombshell poll analysis suggests Labour on track for largest ever majority

The Tories are heading for electoral oblivion

Keir Starmer speaking at TUC Congress 2022

The Tories’ electoral woes aren’t abating as a new analysis of opinion polls in Britain suggests Labour are on track to win a bigger parliamentary majority than they’ve ever achieved before.

The latest monthly prediction from polling aggregator Electoral Calculus suggests Labour would win a staggering 475 seats if a general election were held today and the electorate were to vote the way they’re currently telling pollsters they will. According to Electoral Calculus’ analysis, the Tories would be left with just 100 MPs. Meanwhile, the Lib Dems would have 23 seats, the SNP 28, Plaid Cymru 4 and the Greens 1.

If this were to happen in a general election, Labour would win a majority of 300. That’s a massive upgrade on the party’s biggest ever majority of 179 in the 1997 general election.

Labour’s lead over the Tories has increased by four percentage points in June. Currently Labour lead the Tories by 20 points. Electoral Calculus suggests that the probability of Labour having an outright majority of seats in the Commons is now 96%.

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

Image credit: TUC Livestream

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