Liberal Democrats vote for a Guaranteed Basic Income

The policy was heralded as a 'powerful ambition to eradicate poverty'

Lib Dem conference

In a ‘radical and ambitious’ new policy for a fairer society, Lib Dem members voted in support of introducing a Guaranteed Basic Income (GBI).

Referred to as a ‘powerful ambition to eradicate poverty’, members of the Liberal Democrat party voted by a clear majority for the vision to introduce a Guaranteed Basic Income which would involve increasing Universal Credit ‘to the level required to end deep poverty within a decade’ and removing UC sanctions.

Given the option to vote for a Universal Basic Income or a Guaranteed Basic Income, members at the Spring Conference voted for the later policy. The GBI was described as the more radical option which would apparently reduce poverty by 50%.

There was passionate debate between speakers for both options, with the first option arguing for a Universal Basic Income which would replace tax and national insurance allowances for working age adults.

Both options were put forward as part of a Fairer Society Policy, which was passed through during the conference today.

The Fairer Society motion sets out an ambitious plan to end deep poverty, including a radical overhaul of the welfare system and with an aim to de-stigmatised the welfare system.

Members also voted to pass two amendments, the first to add a line in support of the right to strike and the second to implement the Disability Employment Charter.

Hannah Davenport is trade union reporter at Left Foot Forward

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