TUC backs Musicians’ Union’s call for support for artists touring the EU post-Brexit

The TUC passed a motion which described post-Brexit requirements as 'bureaucratic, logistical and financial obstacles '

Musicians Union speaker at TUC Congress

The annual Trades Union Congress (TUC) is currently taking place in Brighton. On the first day of the Congress, delegates voted overwhelmingly to support a motion from the Musicians’ Union calling for support for artists touring the EU.

Reflective of the post-Brexit border environment, the motion argued that there are now “major, bureaucratic, logistical and financial obstacles to successful touring for musicians and other performers.” It highlighted the plight of small and medium artists who lack the financial or staff resources to deal with administrative requirements for working within the EU in the aftermath of Brexit.

As a result of the motion, the TUC’s General Council will now be asked to lobby the UK government to provide a ‘transitional support package’ to assist musicians with costs of touring. It also calls on the General Council to campaign for a ‘creative industries passport’ for people working in the creative sector and touring the EU.

According to research by the Musicians’ Union, 77% of musicians expect their earnings in Europe to decrease due to new red tape and extra costs.

Following the passing of the motion, Naomi Pohl, general secretary of the Musician’s Union, said, “The MU is pleased that our motion on touring in the EU passed today. For our members, the issues caused by the Government’s hard Brexit still exist and are having a hugely detrimental effect on their ability to tour and make a living. With the TUC’s support we need to ensure that the Government commits to improving the situation for musicians”

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