Liz Truss claimed council tax on her expenses

The latest questionable expense claim from the Tory leadership hopeful

Liz Truss laughing next to a union flag

A report from openDemocracy has found that MPs have claimed more than £1.3m on expenses to pay for their own taxes. The bills picked up by the taxpayer relate to council tax on second homes for MPs who live outside of London.

Among those openDemocracy found to have claimed their council tax back on expenses is Liz Truss. Over three years, she charged the public more than £5,000.

The revelations are just the latest questionable expense claim from the Tory leadership hopeful.

In June 2022, the Mirror revealed that Truss was one of seven MPs who claimed an Amazon Prime subscription on expenses – a claim which her campaign team said was unintentional.

In April 2022, openDemocracy found that Truss had claimed £1,548 for gas and electricity on expenses.

Separate to her personal expense claims, Truss has also faced criticism for the level and nature of spending in her official duties as foreign secretary. She spent an estimated half a million pounds of taxpayers’ money by flying to Sydney on a private jet, rather than a commercial airline, to attend meetings with Australian government officials.

Chris Jarvis is head of strategy and development at Left Foot Forward

Image credit: UK Government – Creative Commons

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