Nadine Dorries ridiculed for claiming a ‘coup’ brought down Boris Johnson

"Has Nadine Dorries forgotten that she did the exact same thing to Theresa May?”

Nadine Dorries speaking at a lectern

Nothing could ever shake Nadine Dorries’ faith in Boris Johnson. Nothing at all, not his constant lying or his law breaking, his bigotry nor his incompetence, for Dorries has remained loyal to Johnson throughout, determined to be the last one in the bunker even after mass resignations among Cabinet ministers.

Now that her attempts to keep Johnson in office have failed, Dorries thinks that an orchestrated coup was responsible for his downfall.

She made the comments to BBC Panorama telling the programme: “I was quite stunned that there were people who thought that removing the prime minister who won the biggest majority that we’ve had since Margaret Thatcher in less than three years.

“Just the the anti-democratic nature of what they’re doing alone was enough to alarm me.

“And for me it was a coup”.

Dorries has also led the attack on Tory leadership hopeful Rishi Sunak, whose resignation as chancellor was seen as key in Johnson’s downfall. She has accused Sunak’s team of using ‘dirty tricks’ to ensure Jeremy Hunt cleared the threshold to enter the contest because they believed Mr Sunak would beat him in a run-off vote of party members.

Dorries’ claims of a coup were ridiculed online, with some users pointing out that she had done exactly what she was accusing her colleagues of doing against Theresa May.

“Has Nadine Dorries forgotten that she did the exact same thing to Theresa May?” wrote one social media user, while Dr Jennifer Cassidy tweeted: “So Nadine Dorries MP tells Laura Kuenssberg that she believes there was a coup to get rid of Boris Johnson. God imagine if Dorries actually witnessed a coup? Or an attempted coup? Or the Jan 6th insurrection in the United States.”

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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