EXCLUSIVE: Tory council candidate posted about the removal of all immigrants, made Islamophobic comments and said Diane Abbott deserved to be bullied

Stephen Antony Savva who once called for Islam to be banned is now once again on the ballot paper

Tory candidate

A Tory council candidate posted about removing immigrants, suggested Bake Off’s Nadiya Hussein would not receive Islamophobic abuse if she ‘integrated more’ and didn’t ‘wear a headdress’, and advocated for bullying Diane Abbott MP, research by Hope not Hate has revealed.

Stephen Antony Savva, who is standing as a Conservative Party candidate in Brimsdown, Enfield, for the upcoming council elections on May 5th responded to one twitter post about immigration with the words: “How about the removal of ALL immigrants? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Just think of all the homes that would suddenly become available? All those school places? No-more have to wait an ion to be seen by a doctor…”.

In another tweet responding to a post about Great British Bake Off’s Nadiya Hussein receiving Islamophobic abuse, Stephen tweeted: “As a Westerner she shouldn’t wear a headdress. If she integrated more, she wouldn’t suffer any abuse.”

Savva also advocated for bullying Labour MP Diane Abbott, tweeting: “Diane Abbott deserves to be bullied. She’s just vile! She puts herself in a position to be bullied. Sometimes she should just shut-up. She’s a racist bully and deserves everything she gets.”

The Tory candidate was previously exposed in June 2018 by the now-defunct website Red Roar as having called for Islam to be banned; while the articles are no longer available online some elements can be seen via cached versions on Google search.

The Conservative Party’s supposed zero tolerance approach to Islamophobia clearly isn’t working if a candidate who once called for Islam to be banned is now once again on the ballot paper.

Savva previously stood for the Conservatives in Southbury ward, Enfield, 2014.

Savva, along with Enfield Conservatives and the Conservative Party have been approached for comment.

Basit Mahmood is editor of Left Foot Forward

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