We’ve missed funerals, birthdays and weddings – unlike Dominic Cummings

So many of us have sacrificed being with loved ones. So what makes Dominic Cummings so special?

It was my brother’s 40th birthday this month. He was supposed to be here in the UK to celebrate it with his family and friends. He lives in Australia but comes over regularly. Of course that didn’t happen. We had to make do with a Zoom. My mum couldn’t hug her youngest child on his milestone birthday.

We weren’t alone in sacrificing important family occasions to ensure the wider safety of society.

People have lost loved ones who died alone because of social distancing rules. Rules which many senior ministers in the government are now taking time to muddy to protect the Prime Minister’s advisor who flaunted them so blatantly.

Frances Coppola lost her mother-in-law who died alone because her family followed the rules
Mr Wilson lost his wife. What will his MP have to say about Mr Cummings behaviour?
The grief of many people who haven’t broken the rules
No Mr Russell, you are not.
It is this anger – felt by us all – that should have meant Cummings lost his job. it won’t go away.
The heartbreak of many seems not to matter to the few at the top

So tell us Mr Cummings – why are these people’s family occasions less important than yours?

Emma Burnell is a freelance journalist.

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