4 things the opposition are calling for in the debate over the snap election

The aim is to complete all the Commons stages of the bill by the end of today

Today has been a busy one in Parliament as MPs have been debating calling a snap election.

The decision has not yet been made, but the Opposition have wasted no time in submitting their amendments.

The Government have threatened to pull the bill if any amendments actually pass, yet again this has not stopped Opposition MPs from making themselves heard.

What are the Opposition calling for?

  1. Caroline Lucas has today submitted an amendment to abolish the cap on Electoral Commission fines. This has already been co-signed by Stephen Kinnock, Ken Clarke, and Norman Lamb.
  • Both the Lib Dem party and the SNP want to fight the election on a platform of completely stopping Brexit. Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson, added that an election was the only way to do this given there is not enough support in parliament for another referendum.
  • Heidi Allen, however, criticised the position and announced she would not be standing should the election be called.
  • The Independent Group for Change, consisting of five MPs, and Plaid Cymru, with four MPs, said they will vote against the election, wanting to continue campaigning for the People’s Vote, meaning a further referendum.

The government hope to complete all the Commons stages of the early election bill by the end of today, Tuesday 29 October.

It will be a rush as this process usually takes several days.

Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle, overseeing the committee stage of bills, will decide if any amendments will be debated and voted on.

If MPs do back the bill being discussed today, it is highly likely there will be a Christmas election, although the legislation will still need to go through the House of Lords.

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