Towards an open future: What might Europe look like in 2049?

"The politics of tomorrow start with the politics of today" - read the new edition of the Green European Journal (sponsored post).

2049: Open Future, the latest issue of the Green European Journal, harnesses the power of the imagination to set out positive visions for the future of Europe in 30 years’ time.

A collection bringing together essays, stories and interviews, 2049: Open Future reaches out beyond the immediate horizon of Brexit and European elections to imagine what the world might look like in the decades to come.

Tackling topics from the evolution of the internet and the monetary system to fast fashion and climate crisis, the new issue seeks to capture life and society in 2049. Featuring contributors including Kate Raworth, Srećko Horvat and Rosi Braidotti and combining analysis with fiction, this issue brings you perspectives from progressive voices based across Europe.

2049: Open Future is available for free on the Green European Journal website. To receive your copy in the post, use this form to sign up for the newsletter giving your address.

The Green European Journal is an open alternative media space place for ideas and analysis on political ecology, feminism and social justice. Tweeting at @greeneujournal.

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