A dog-based Brexit protest is happening. You’d be barking not to attend

“The UK is being bounced towards a no-deal cliff edge by a small group of hardline Brexiters, but the dogs won’t just roll over and let it happen."

Protest in Britain is getting weirder by the week. But we’re quite excited about this one.

On Sunday, hundreds of dogs and their two-legged companions (including MPs and celebrities) will hold the world’s biggest ‘dog’s dinner’ to demand an end to Brexit.

The canine campaigners are demanding that the government ‘pull the country back from the brink of no-deal Brexit disaster and give the UK the option to stop Brexit’.

Thousands of people and hundreds of dogs joined the Wooferendum march and rally in Westminster on Sunday 7th October 2018, including many MPs and public figures from the world of entertainment, broadcasting and business.

This year, hungry hounds will gather around huge cans of ‘Pedigree Chump’s Brexit Dog’s Dinner’ and sit at fully-set, dog-sized dining tables to ‘bark out’ for MPs to send Brexit to the doghouse (sorry).

“The dogs gathering outside Parliament represent millions of people in the UK who have been told that their voice doesn’t count – but who believe Brexit is barking mad,” says Wooferendum founder Daniel Elkan.

“The UK is being bounced towards a no-deal cliff edge by a small group of hardline Brexiters, but the dogs won’t just roll over and let it happen. This is a campaign ‘by the dogs, for the people.’ If your best friend was in big trouble, what would you do?”

Ian Murray, MP for Edinburgh South, said: “I may not be the MP for Barking [Ed: stop this now] but I do know that Britain is heading for a dog’s dinner of a Brexit.”

Rosie Duffield, MP for Canterbury, added: “If only Theresa May’s Brexit negotiations was just a shaggy dog story. On Sunday hundreds of dogs in the Wooferendum will send a clear message to us politicians – it’s time to come off the leash, block a no deal Brexit and give the people the final say.”

There is a slightly serious point here. Dominic Dyer, a leading animal welfare campaigner and one of the organisers of the ‘Brexit Is A Dog’s Dinner’ event, says Brexit is likely to lead to a shortage of skilled vets and vet nurses, alongside rising costs for animal health and pet food products and even the end of the EU pet passport scheme – causing unecessary stress for people who want to travel with their pets.

The campaigners even believe that if Brexit causes another recession, many people will be forced to give up their pets, leaving charities and shelters struggling to cope with the influx of animals in need of new homes.

The promo video is quite something:

Wooferendum campaigners describe the group as an independent, grass-roots, ‘by the dogs, for the people’ campaign to give the country a chance to think again about Brexit. It has been entirely self-funded so far, with small donations from crowdfunding.

The Brexit Is A Dog’s Dinner rally gathers at Victoria Tower Gardens, next to Parliament SW1P 3JA at 1pm on Sunday 10th March 2019. Speeches by the event organisers, MPs and public figures will take place from 1.30pm.

The Facebook event page for Brexit Is A Dog’s Dinner is here.

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