Today Show presenter: Being against gay rights is “legitimate” and “acceptable”

Justin Webb made the comments during a debate on an Oxford academic accused of homophobia

Today show presenter Justin Webb angered some listeners after claiming that being against gay rights is “legitimate” and “acceptable” despite not being “fashionable”.

The Radio Four presenter made the comments during a debate on whether Oxford academic John Finnis should be sacked.

Finnis has previously said that homosexual acts are “wrong”, “merely animal” and “never a valid, humanly acceptable choice”.

Over 400 people have signed a petition calling for him to be removed from his position at Oxford University where he teaches compulsory classes in law.

Student Sulamaan Rahim went on the Today show to argue that he should be sacked.

During the debate, Rahim said:

He is a legal philosopher, he clearly has written against a lot of the enshrinement in law of the rights that gay people now have

Webb replied:

Those are legitimate, acceptable views to have aren’t they in wider society? Particularly in a university. I mean he might be wrong but he can hold the views.

You seem stumped by the very idea that someone can hold views that are no longer fashionable, no longer acceptable in much of society, but still hold those views.

While some listeners described Rahim as a “snowflake”, others took to Twitter to express anger over this interview.

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