Poll finds Labour’s policies are popular across Europe

Labour policies received support in nine European countries

A poll by YouGov has found that nine Labour policies are overwhelmingly popular in nine different European countries, including the UK.

YouGov asked about 1,000 people in each of seven different European countries whether they supported nine different Labour policies.

Not a single policy was opposed by more people than supported it in any country, and most were overwhelmingly supported in every country.

Free tuition fees proved even more popular across the rest of Europe than it is in the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom, 55% of people support free tuiton fees while just 33% are opposed. In France, Germany and Scandinavia support for free tuition fees is much higher, at between 65 and 82%.

Other policies which were popular in every country include capping rent rises, increasing taxes on the top 5% of earners and putting worker representatives on boards.

State ownership of utilities and rail is also popular across Europe, as is not taking part in military interventions and supporting renewable energy.

The issue which most divided different countries from each other was nuclear weaponry.

While the vast majoriy of Germans and Scandinavians say they do not want their government to have nuclear weapons, the French and the British (whose governments currently have nuclear weapons) are evenly split on the issue.

YouGov also asked US citizens for their view on Labour policies. Five of the nine policies were popular in the USA, although generally less so than in Europe.

The policies opposed by most Americans were nuclear disarmament and nationalisation of rail and utilities.

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