Theresa May challenged Jeremy Corbyn to a debate and the internet went berserk

The Leader of the Opposition said he'd "relish" a televised head-to-head.

She is infamously known for having made Amber Rudd replace her during a general election televised debate, mere days after the then Home Secretary had lost her father.

But now the final Brexit deal is out, the PM is eager to argue it out.

And while Jeremy Corbyn’s office took a few hours to respond – triggering many a pundit to suggest they’d eat their hat if he agreed – the Labour leader gleefully rose up to the challenge.

Unsurprisingly, the internet lost it.

Here are some of the best reactions from last night’s announcement:

The one inspired by Mortal Kombat

The I Remember What You Did (not do) Last Summer one

The emergency siren emoji one

The boxing Corbyn one

The one still-in-denial

The well thought through one

The “he ain’t wrong” one

The unhealthy Brexit addiction one

A date for the debate is still not 100% confirmed, but one would expect it to take place in the next couple of weeks before Parliament goes into recess.

What exciting times we live in.

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