The TUC has just pledged to campaign on trans-friendly changes to Gender Recognition Act

A motion pushing for a "simplified, free, statutory gender-recognition process based on self-declaration" was passed nem con.

Trade unionists at this year’s Trades Union Congress annual conference unanimously supported a motion to campaign on simpler gender-recognition processes that would make trans lives much easier. 

Motion 41 on Support For Gender Self-Declaration was passed in the early afternoon, after string of impassioned speeches from trans workers and their supporters.

It read:

“Congress calls on the government to take note of global best practice on gender recognition and to change the current processes for gender recognition that are lengthy, intrusive, humiliating and not fit for purpose.

“Congress calls on the General Council to campaign for a simplified, free, statutory gender-recognition process based on self-declaration and to support rights for gender non-binary people at work and in wider society.”

Trade unionists and trans rights campaigners in and out of the conference then celebrated the passing of the motion on social media.

But while the motion passed nem. con. it was not without controversy.

Some thought the policy would encroach on the rights and safety of cis women in women’s only spaces, or that it would otherwise undermine the struggle against women’s oppression.

The Congress’ next action on the motion are still to be confirmed.

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