Pro-EU campaigners mock Brexiteer hysteria in full-page ad

As MPs prepare for a debate of epic proportions, campaigners applied a bit of tongue-in-cheek pressure while calling for a 'meaningful vote'.

On the day MPs are set to start an epic 48h debate on the Brexit Bill, activism online platform Avaaz opted for a bit of wit in the final push against hard Brexit. 

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill will be returning to the Commons on Tuesday afternoon, with MPs tasked on voting to approve or dismiss a long list of amendments made by the Lords to the controversial paper.

It was no coincidence then, that today’s Financial Times featured a full-page advert called “The Brexit Heroes?” accompanied by the pictures of several Remain-supporting Conservative MPs.

In today’s crunch votes, members of parliament will be deciding whether to support the Lords’ call for a “meaningful vote” in Parliament over the final deal.

The FT ad, which is part of Avaaz’s campaign #MeaningfulVote, plays on the Daily Telegraph’s infamous front page from last November, featuring the same Tory MPs with the headline “The Brexit Mutineers”.

Among the MPs pictured are Tory grandee Kenneth Clarke, former education secretary Nicky Morgan, and former state minister Anna Soubry.

Justice minister and long-standing EU supporter, Philip Lee, stepped down from his role on Tuesday morning signalling a possible anti-Brexit rebellion inside the Conservative Party.

Alex Wilks, campaign director at Avaaz, told Left Foot Forward:

“This is the moment for great British heroes to step forward and defend our democracy. MPs should follow Phillip Lee’s example, and listen to the clear majority of the public who want parliament to take back control of Brexit to protect the country’s future.”

Avaaz cheered on other MPs likely to join the pictured “heroes” and support the ‘meaningful vote’ by adding: “History will remember your courage.”

Commenting on the FT ad, Labour MP Ben tweeted:

“Nice antidote to today’s bullying front pages in the Brexiteer tabloids from the FT courtesy of ⁦Avaaz⁩.”

The group has been campaigning for a Commons vote on the final deal, standing with the 61% of Brits who told Left Foot Forward they’d rather MPs, not government, had a final say.

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