These anti-Brexit campaigners are taking David Davis to court to try to get a second referendum

And they've already crowdfunded £50k to do it.

A group of anti-Brexit campaigners are threatening a judicial review against the government if they won’t promise a second referendum on leaving the EU – and they’ve raised £55k to do it.

Best for Britain, Our Future Our Choice and Tech for UK are planning to launch a challenge to Brexit in the High Court, claiming a second referendum on EU membership is required under UK law – and that this referendum, they claim, should put ‘all options on the table’.

Their legal challenge hinges on a piece of legislation passed by Parliament in 2011 that said any significant changes to our relationship with the EU would need be put to a public vote. As their campaign page reads:

“We’re taking David Davis to court because the Government is trying to remove a law that embeds the right to a meaningful vote and brings about the possibility of a public vote on the terms of the Brexit deal.”

The campaigners argue that during any proposed ‘transition period’ Brussels will temporarily gain more powers over UK law and this transfer of powers can’t be done without a referendum on the matter.

They say the case is about “ensuring our Government follows its own laws” and that:

“We believe, like many MPs do, that the Withdrawal Agreement will not only amend the EU treaties, but will lead to a significant transfer in powers from the UK to the EU.”

“It is a legal requirement that this must not be done without the consent of the British public.”

And the campaigners have already raised £55,000 of the £70,000 they estimate they’ll need in court costs.

Eloise Todd, CEO of Best for Britain, said:

“Parliament must do its duty and vote for what’s best for the country based on whatever the Government gets, and the people have a right to decide whether it’s good enough for them.

“We need to keep the meaningful vote, get that public vote, and the 2011 Act suggests we have a right to it.

“This case is simply about having the right for people to make sure their voice is heard on the biggest change in our country’s direction since the Second World War.”

Meanwhile in was reported yesterday that other pro-EU groups are teaming up in the fight against Brexit.

Open Britain and five other anti-Brexit groups announced yesterday they were moving into the same office to coordinate their campaign.

Open Britain, the European Movement, Britain for Europe, Scientists for EU, Healthier IN the EU, and InFacts – which have a combined membership of 500,000 people – will now be in the same office – dubbed by staff a ‘Grassroots Co-ordinating HQ’ – in London’s Millbank Tower.

Director of Open Britain, James McGrory said the linking up of the campaigns “is not the first step in that journey [to reverse Brexit] but it is the biggest so far.”

The campaign to stop Britain leaving the EU is gathering steam then, it seems. There’s more info on Best for Britain’s High Court #Brexitchallenge here.

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