Left Foot Forward joins Parliament’s Press Gallery for the first time

We've entered the fray - and will be holding the Tories to account from both sides of the Palace walls.

Left Foot Forward has joined Parliament’s Press Gallery, with editor Josiah Mortimer becoming the first journalist on the site to work within Westminster.

It means the progressive news and comment site will now be partly based in Parliament, covering committee hearings and debates on Brexit and under-reported issues – from workers’ rights to the environment.

The Parliamentary Press Gallery Committee was formed in 1881 to safeguard the interests of parliamentary reporters and political correspondents at Westminster – after MPs and journalists fought long and hard for the right to report on Parliament’s activities.

There are around 300 members of the Press Gallery today, in broadcast, print and online publications – with Left Foot Forward becoming the latest to join.

Josiah Mortimer, editor of Left Foot Forward, said:

“It’s a great honour to join the Press Gallery – but we won’t get too comfortable. I’m looking forward to playing a small role in holding this government to account from inside the walls of Westminster.

“This is a great chance to push forward the campaigning, evidence-based journalism of Left Foot Forward from within the belly of the beast.

“It’s vital there are more voices holding the government to account in the halls of power and outside it. We come from unique standpoint at LFF, offering a platform for both grassroots activists and progressive politicians.

“This is a chance we don’t take lightly. LFF is one of the longest-standing left-wing news/comment sites, so this is a real show of confidence: to go from a small blog to a respected and valued part of our media landscape – bolstering the clout of progressive media in Westminster.”

Left Foot Forward is a sister title to LabourList, which also has a Press Gallery journalist in editor Sienna Rodgers.

Read the full interview with Press Gazette

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