Now young Tories behind ‘Activate’ group are talking about ‘shooting peasants’

Leaks and muck from the new young 'grassroots' Tory group just keep on coming.

First they discussed gassing ‘chavs’ and using them as ‘as substitutes for animals when testing.’ Now it seems Young Tory activists behind the Momentum-mimicking Activate group can’t get enough of vilifying the poor. 

Fresh leaks, sent to Left Foot Forward, show Young Conservatives talk about ‘shooting peasants’ – before the conversation is cut off by someone who realises there may be leaks (but, only because there may be leaks – not because the conversation is abhorrent).

They also make fun of homeless people, laughing that a debating teacher ‘looks homeless’ and a ‘hobo’. No surprise for an organisation where membership costs £500.

The young activists also veer off into weird chat about sex education – including school ‘Celibacy Clubs’, which would appear to be a joke were not ‘Magnus’ other posts serious.


Far from being a grassroots campaigning organisation, Tory Momentum is increasingly looking like a forum for Tory teens to laugh at the poor – which, let’s face it, is probably perfect training for becoming future Conservative figures. 

More follows.

Josiah Mortimer is Editor of Left Foot Forward. Follow him on Twitter.

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