A quarter of Brexit voters feel misled by Vote Leave claims — new poll

A new poll finds that over fifty per cent of people think the Leave campaign had been mostly or completely misleading.

A new poll has found that a large proportion of Brexit voters feel misled over the Leave campaign’s promises. The mandate for leaving the EU has never looked so wobbly.

The survey by Opinium found that: a third of Brexit voters believed the claim that leaving the EU would mean an extra £350m a week for the NHS; ten per cent still think it will happen; but a quarter of respondents feel they were misled.

Respondents were asked whether they believed the £350m NHS pledge last year: a quarter said they did at the time — 35 per cent of Leave voters and 16 per cent of Remain voters.

A year after the vote, over half of respondents to the poll said the Leave campaign had been mostly or completely misleading and only 19 per cent described it as being truthful.

The £350m to the NHS promise pedalled by leading Brexit campaigners, including Tory ministers, was quickly reneged upon after the referendum — the Tory Party did not include it in their manifesto at the June election.

Chris Grayling said the £350m figure that appeared on the site of a Vote Leave bus that toured the country was an “aspiration” not a pledge.

Since then, the £350m figure itself has been called into question. It recently came out that Britain actually pays the EU less than half this sum per week. The UK’s net contribution of £156m a week is at its lowest level in five years, the UK Statistics Authority figures revealed.

The poll also should that were there another referendum on whether to leave the EU, 47 per cent of people said they’d vote Remain and 44 per cent said they’d vote to leave.

However, only 37 per cent of respondents believed there should be a second referendum and 49 per cent opposed the idea.

47 per cent of respondents said they disapproved of the way Theresa May handled the Brexit process, with 28 per cent approving of her actions.

So there you have it: yet more evidence that we’re leaving the EU in the back of a string of lies from Tory and UKIP politicians.

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5 Responses to “A quarter of Brexit voters feel misled by Vote Leave claims — new poll”

  1. Dulari-leiylah markelle

    Leave campaign politicians should be prosecuted. We deserve a second referendum now the truth of eu leave versus remain has emerged after s deceptive referendum

    We should all be demanding s second referendum

  2. Elizabeth Chell

    There are several lessons here and not simply don’t trust politicians; don’t trust some politicians with your future. I hope we now know who they are amongst the Vote Leave & their claim of what huge sums of cash there will be available to fund the NHS (e.g. of misleading info) …

  3. patrick newman

    I thought the £350M for the NHS was discredited before the referendum vote. Only 37.5% of those registered voted for Brexit. Cameron should be rounded up and sent to work picking strawberries in East Anglia for five years for his decision to have a referendum!

  4. Cole

    Sadly, it shows lying works. Will just encourage people running campaigns to be dishonest in the future. Depressing.

  5. Mike Stallard

    Can some kind soul please tell me in simple language what the Labour Party wants to do about Brexit? Me? I think we ought to leave – I voted for that. But I also think we should stay in the EEA by joining EFTA so that we have enough time to negotiate a permanent position.
    All I can hear at the moment are different people saying quite different things.

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