A Brexit group just called the EU’s chief negotiator a “smackhead” on their official Twitter

The Leave.EU campaign, funded by UKIP businessman Arron Banks, tweeted the remark to 136,000 followers.

Leave.EU, the unofficial Brexit campaign funded by UKIP businessman Arron Banks, just called the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier a “smackhead” on Twitter.

The attack comes hours after Barnier told UK Brexit negotiators to “get serious” and start “negotiating seriously”. It seems taking things seriously is the last thing Leave.EU wants to do.

The comment, which is strong even by Leave.EU’s own standards, was made in a tweet of a photoshopped image of Barnier, complete with a belt around his arm and some bad teeth, with the caption:

“Please Mr Davis, just one more hit of British taxpayer money!”

“Michel Barnier is acting like a smackhead begging for his next hit our money. Time for this depraved addict to go cold turkey!”, reads the tweet.

Leave.EU were a major force in Brexit campaigning and have continued to disseminate their message since to over 800,000 Facebook followers and over 160,000 Twitter followers.

As the official Vote Leave campaign has largely gone quiet since the referendum, Leave.EU have continued churning out content, which has increasingly descended into offensive attacks on leading Brexit figures.

Their “campaigning since has bordered on the outright racist and has had damaged the Brexit cause”, a Leave supporter told the New Statesman.

They recently lauded European far-right groups attending to disrupt refugee boats in the Mediterranean, for example, and have regularly praised the actions of president Donal Trump.

The increasingly offensive and downright childish output of Leave.EU can’t be thrown off as irrelevant — they have huge engagement on social media. Their success shows Brexit has unleashed some ugly forces in the UK.

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