Theresa May should drop ‘waste of money’ Snoopers’ Charter appeal, says NUJ

Journalists' union says PM should uphold EU court's ruling


Theresa May should drop her appeal of the EU court ruling on the Snoopers’ Charter and uphold EU law that protects journalism, said the National Union of Journalists (NUJ).

The union welcomed today’s ruling by the European Court of Justice on bulk collection of emails and phonecall records – a power granted in the Investigatory Powers Act – being illegal and not justified in a democratic society.

In a statement, the NUJ said:

“The union call[s] on Prime Minister Theresa May to implement the legal ruling rather than further waste taxpayers’ money going to an appeal.”

The NUJ has previously written for Left Foot Forward that the Act – called a Snoopers’ Charter by critics – allows the government to discover journalist’s sources, while Reporters Without Borders, also writing for LFF, called the Act ‘a death sentence’ for investigative journalism.

NUJ general secretary Michelle Stanistreet, responding to the ruling, said:

“This is a significant decision by the European court of justice and should trigger a rethink by government.

As things stand, the government and the authorities including the police, home office, department of health and even the food standards agency, can all have access to grab our personal information without our consent.”

She added:

“This is a horrendous situation and it sends all the wrong signals to repressive regimes around the world. The impact on journalists and democracy are profound.”

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