Tories’ lead grows to 14 points over Labour in new poll

Conservatives on 42 per cent in BMG poll versus Labour's 28 per cent


The Conservative Party’s lead over Labour has grown to 14 points in a new poll by BMG – up three points from September.

The poll of voting intention has the Tories on 42 per cent, versus the Labour Party’s stable 28 per cent, with the Lib Dems on eight, UKIP losing one point to 12 and the Green Party droping one to four per cent.

Conservatives – 42 per cent (+3)

Labour – 28 per cent (nc)

Liberal Democrats – 8 per cent (nc)

UKIP – 12 per cent (-1)

Greens – 4 per cent (-1)

Other – 6 per cent (-1)


Today’s poll follows an Ipsos Mori poll earlier this month that gave the Tories an 18 point lead over Labour, with 47 per cent – it’s biggest lead since the 2010 general election.

The Tories have been a head of Labour in most polls for some time, and the lead is only widening.


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8 Responses to “Tories’ lead grows to 14 points over Labour in new poll”

  1. Imran Khan

    But Momentum is massive and growing! Surely that is what matters?

  2. Michael WALKER

    Obviously this poll is another lie. The voters are wrong . They need to be re-educated..

  3. Martyn Wood-Bevan

    There’s the Labour Right-Wing: Still not popular with the Voters and opposing any positive change in the party.

  4. Mick

    Labour’s current culture – of being such toxic whackjobs that the ‘compliance department’ turns on their own if there’s no public to shepherd – leaves them ever more stagnant.

    Corbyn and his club want to make everyone benefits-dependent and go back in time to kill Thatcher. Preferably with both friends in Hezbollah and the IRA bidding for the weapons of mass destruction contract. Meanwhile, the latest losing Welsh Windbag wants to scupper Brexit for Labour.. while others tell us that we public need to define what immigration ‘means’ before they can do nothing at all about it.

    Sensible Labour for a progressive Britain! Why don’t we learn, LFF? When, oh when, will we?!

  5. Jimmy Glesga

    Imran, Momentum may be growing but it is the voter and ballot box that counts! Momentum are a gaggle of malcontents and will never be electable.

  6. Mick

    Yes. Also, Labour becoming more radical may swell the Marxist whackjob quarter – and even entrench some Labour MP’s – but the overall result will be a further shrinkage in wider, popular support.

    Indeed, the far-out Left pretend to care about miners now, whining that Amber Rudd declined to open an enquiry into the Battle Of Orgreave. Lefties live in the past and lie that it was simple police brutality, yet you can see in the famous picture that the police merely caught rioters off-guard from the start, that time:

    That strays from the point but it’s just another example of workers’ hero looney tunes while the rest of us get on with living in the present.

  7. Robert Jones

    I don’t have any answers as to why we’re still so far behind, other than that Labour is simply failing to transmit any case at all on just about any subject at all. We have an army, it would seem, but no idea what to do with it. Just waiting for the Tories to bugger everything up isn’t a grand strategy with which I’m at all comfortable – while I have no doubt they will, and on many things, eg Brexit, they already have, our just sitting there and tut-tutting isn’t inspiring the electorate or even reaching them. What does the leader actually do between one PMQ and another? He seems to have become invisible, his most prominent defender being Diane Abbott – I don’t share the common disdain for her, but she’s not enough, and when she speaks she’s on a repair mission for JC’s absence: there’s little sign of a coordinated strategy. Without good reasons to vote Labour, people just won’t – whatever the government does. Supply them, Corbyn, for God’s sake – remember that quote from Harold Wilson about Labour being a crusade (adapt term to modern audience..) or it is nothing: I don’t know that we’re nothing, but at present we’re no one’s idea of a crusade.

  8. Michael WALKER

    >Robert Jones
    “When she speaks she’s on a repair mission for JC’s absence: there’s little sign of a coordinated strategy.”

    That is the fault of the Communications Director – S Milne. He appears utterly useless. He was specifically chosen by that nice Mr Corbyn whom his supporters say is a great leader. Great leaders don’t tolerate losers in key jobs.. Mr Corbyn does.
    Stop The War meetings – which Mr Corbyn regularly attends- are far more important than winning hearts and minds of voters. Anyone who thinks Mr Corbyn wants to win a GE is seriously deluded. His aim is to make the Labour Party an outlet for STW- and if it falls to 100 seats in Parliament, hard luck.

    (I am utterly serious – Mr Corbyn’s actions make no sense as a conventional political leader- but as a founder of Stop The War , they make complete sense.)

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