Conservatives clock 18-point polling lead as UKIP support crumbles

Tory support has risen to 47 per cent, while Labour's has fallen to 29


A staggering 47 per cent of people would vote Conservative if there were a general election tomorrow, according to new polling, while just 29 per cent back Labour. This 18-point lead is the largest the Tories have enjoyed since before the general election in 2010.

Ipsos MORI’s monthly political monitor shows the following voting intentions:

CON: 47 per cent (+7)

LAB: 29 per cent (-5)

LDEM: 7 per cent (+1)

UKIP: 6 per cent (-3)

GRN: 4 per cent (-1)


While it appears the UKIP collapse is finally happening — and all it took was two resignations and a hospitalisation — that support is clearly flowing to the Conservatives, affording them an extraordinary seven point bump.

Theresa May’s personal approval ratings have fallen in the last month and Jeremy Corbyn’s risen, but that still leaves her with a net approval rating of +16, to his -24.

All this despite sharply rising pessimism about the health of the economy, which 53 per cent believe will get worse over the next 12 months.

Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos MORI, commented:

“Economic optimism had been recovering after the shock of Brexit, but this research shows that a fall in the value of the pound will still concern the public, while it is the groups who were supporting Remain who are most worried about the impact of Brexit. But Labour so far is not taking advantage, as the Conservatives’ honeymoon continues – for the moment at least.”

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