Conservatives clock 18-point polling lead as UKIP support crumbles

Tory support has risen to 47 per cent, while Labour's has fallen to 29


A staggering 47 per cent of people would vote Conservative if there were a general election tomorrow, according to new polling, while just 29 per cent back Labour. This 18-point lead is the largest the Tories have enjoyed since before the general election in 2010.

Ipsos MORI’s monthly political monitor shows the following voting intentions:

CON: 47 per cent (+7)

LAB: 29 per cent (-5)

LDEM: 7 per cent (+1)

UKIP: 6 per cent (-3)

GRN: 4 per cent (-1)


While it appears the UKIP collapse is finally happening — and all it took was two resignations and a hospitalisation — that support is clearly flowing to the Conservatives, affording them an extraordinary seven point bump.

Theresa May’s personal approval ratings have fallen in the last month and Jeremy Corbyn’s risen, but that still leaves her with a net approval rating of +16, to his -24.

All this despite sharply rising pessimism about the health of the economy, which 53 per cent believe will get worse over the next 12 months.

Gideon Skinner, head of political research at Ipsos MORI, commented:

“Economic optimism had been recovering after the shock of Brexit, but this research shows that a fall in the value of the pound will still concern the public, while it is the groups who were supporting Remain who are most worried about the impact of Brexit. But Labour so far is not taking advantage, as the Conservatives’ honeymoon continues – for the moment at least.”

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7 Responses to “Conservatives clock 18-point polling lead as UKIP support crumbles”

  1. Michael WALKER

    UKIP are just proving that they are a personality cult based on one man who is now no longer Leader – so the cult collapses in internal disputes and infighting.

    They remind me of another party based on a cult of personality which does the disputes and infighting when the Leader is still there…

  2. Alex from Carlisle

    Maybe Jezza just isn’t getting his message across properly? I’m doing my bit, spreading the word how Labour want more migrants from the jungle settled here, and I really think it’s getting through.

    Roll on 2020. I think Jezza’s performance will surprise us all. You aint seen nothin yet!

  3. CR

    As long as Labour continue to support an open-door immigration policy they are going remain in a very poor second place. The Tories will win a landslide at the next General Election.

    Remember that outside the metropolitan establishment media, M25 and the Westminster bubble Brexit is very popular !!!

  4. Mike Stallard

    Mrs May and her (largely female) cabinet are averse to taking risks. This means they are also slow to take decisions (Heathrow). They are dithering about the EU while the pound crashes. Soon the economy will follow suit if they continue to mess around.
    Meanwhile Nicola Sturgeon is talking a lot of sense about joining the EEA/EFTA bloc. Mr Corbyn seems (he isn’t very good at communicating to us out here in the backwoods yet) to be following suit.
    There is hope yet!

  5. Michael WALKER

    >Mike Stallard

    Remind which Government position Nicola Sturgeon holds? I appear to have missed her appointment.

  6. David Lindsay

    An 18-point Conservative poll lead.

    For abandonment of the Budget surplus target, for abandonment of the Work Capability Assessment, for workers’ reps on boards, for restrictions on pay differences within companies, for a crackdown on tax avoidance, for a ban on tax-avoiding companies from public contracts, for a Department for Industrial Strategy, for a huge programme of infrastructure spending in general and of housebuilding in particular, for a cap on energy prices, for a ban on foreign takeovers, and for an inquiry into Orgreave.

    Oh, and as of yesterday, for no dental tests to ascertain the ages of child refugees, which was *Labour* policy nine years ago, although certainly not the view of the man who is now the Leader of the Labour Party.

    The Left cares profoundly about having a left-wing Prime Minister. But the Right just wants a Tory. It will then convince itself that any Tory is right-wing, while any Tory who is a late-middle-aged woman is Margaret Thatcher.

  7. uglyfatbloke

    So the SNP has disappeared then? Odd; I’d have thought their UK-wide polling would be roughly on a par with the greens and glib-dumbs.

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