PMQs: May dodges Brexit question on single market from SNP

Watch the Prime Minister waffle on Brexit talks when quizzed by Angus Robertson


Theresa May dodged a direct question about Brexit at PMQs, refusing to clarify government policy on Britain’s future.

When asked by Angus Robertson, the Scottish National Party’s leader in parliament, whether she wants the UK to ‘remain fully part of the single market’, the Prime Minister waffled about ‘building a new relationship with the European Union’.

She added:

‘It would not be right for me and this government to give a running commentary on negotiations.’

It comes after David Davis, Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, called it ‘very improbable’ the UK would remain in the single market given its rules on freedom of movement. The government clarified after his remarks on Monday that this was no official policy.

You can watch Angus Robertson’s question and Theresa May’s answer here:

The PM has been under pressure to explain what ‘Brexit means Brexit’ means after a frosty reception at the G20 summit in China – the first big international conference since the UK voted to leave the EU in the June 23 referendum.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn chose not to quiz May on Brexit, instead asking the PM about housing and potential closures of women’s refuges.

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