PMQs: Angus Robertson says EU secures ‘peace and prosperity’ for Britain

Scottish National MP says no EU member states have gone to war with each other


Angus Robertson has said the EU helps secure ‘peace and prosperity’ for Britain and its neighbours.

The Scottish National Party MP, speaking at today’s Prime Minister’s Questions, said that while there have been wars in Europe since 1945, there is ‘not one single example of armed conflict between member states’.

Robertson, who is the SNP’s parliamentary leader, closed by calling on David Cameron to emphasise the ‘peace’ case for voting Remain, instead of only stressing the benefits of the single market.

You can watch the whole exchange here and read Robertson’s remarks below:

‘Does the PM agree that we should never take peace and security for granted and that is a strong reason to stay in the European Union? [… ]

There have been wars on the European continent, but outside the European Union. They’ve happened in the Balkans, they’ve happened in Ukraine, they’ve happened in the Caucasus.

It is also a fact that there have never ever been any examples, not one single example, of armed conflict between member states of the European Union.

So will the PM take the time, the little time that is left, to stress the positive advantages of cooperation, of peace and of stability to us all – not just the single market or the rights that we have as citizens.

Peace and prosperity is an advantage to us all and that’s why we should remain.’

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