Syria Solidarity UK demands governments uphold commitment to air drops

The organisation will hold demonstrations outside Downing Street from 29 May-4 June


On 17 May, the International Syria Support Group (ISSG) announced that if the UN had not been granted humanitarian access to Syria’s besieged cities and towns by the first of June, that the WTO should immediately implement a programme for air bridges and air drops to communities in need.

Since it now seems unlikely that access will be granted, Syria Solidarity UK will be demonstrating at Downing Street every evening between 29 May and the fourth of June, calling on the government and the international community to uphold its commitment to break the sieges and protect civilians.

The ISSG statement recognises that ‘sieges of civilian populations in Syria are a violation of International Humanitarian Law’, highlighting the UN’s inability to provide any assistance to Arbeen, Darraya, Douma, East Harasta, Mouadhimiyeh, Zabadin and Zamalka.

An alliance of UK-based Syrian organisations welcomed the ISSG report with ‘cautious optimism’.

Their statement reads:

‘We are fearful that this will become yet another broken promise, yet another failed international decision, of which the Syrian have people seen time and time again over the past five years.’

The called for the implementation of the 17 May commitments to be ‘intensive and sustained’ and made it clear that humanitarian assistance should not, implicitly or explicitly, be contingent on the support of the Assad regime.

The statement continues:

“We are also seeking clarification as to the specific means of support that Member States of the ISSG will provide to humanitarian operations in Syria, in line with their pledge to ‘support such a program’ of air drops. The credibility of the ISSG and its Member States is now on the line. There needs to be a significant response if at any point after 1 June the Assad regime denies aid access to Syrians in need.”

For more details of Syria Solidarity UK’s planned demonstrations, visit the Facebook event page

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