Five things we wish were April Fools jokes

It's been a dark week in politics


1. The National Living Wage

In another example of shameless Tory newspeak, the National Living Wage introduced today is not subsistence based, is still a low wage by international standards and was developed without consulting the Low Pay Commission. Also, it’s not available to under-25s.

2. A judge refusing to believe representations on behalf of a woman because her MP put an ‘X’ in the email

Jess Phillips MP reported this week that a judge in a benefits tribunal had refused to accept her representation of a constituent because her warm tone suggested she was ‘writing as a friend rather than in a professional capacity.’

(h/t Political Scrapbook)

3. The return of paupers funerals

The State Social Fund Funeral Payment, a benefit for those who don’t have friends of family who can pay for a funeral, hasn’t increased since 2003. It stands at £700, while the average cost of a funeral in the UK is £3,702.

This week, MPs warned that Britain faced a return to ‘paupers funerals’. In fact, that process is already underway. The BBC found that in 2013-14 councils carried out 2,580 ‘public health funerals’, an 11 per cent increase from four years earlier.

It’s official: we are living in a Dickensian dystopia.

4. The Sun asking women to share cleavage snaps to win £1,000

A propos of nothing the paper pull out a call this week for ‘bravellous’ cleavage snaps.

Thankfully, a pack of virtuous Twitter trolls stepped up in response.

5. The Grassroots Out tie

Seriously, our eyes hurt. Just stop.

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