Telegraph keeps quiet on ‘child abuse’ row in bid to trash Corbynomics

Today's front page leaves out a key piece of information



The Telegraph has plastered a remark by Bank of England governor Mark Carney on its front page as a ‘warning over Corbynomics’.

Carney, answering a question from Treasury select committee yesterday about ‘People’s Quantitative Easing’, a key economic policy of the new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, said:

“The issue would be imperilling potentially the achievement of price stability. The consequence of that of course would be inflationary.

“The people who tend to get hurt the most by inflation are the poor, the elderly, those that can’t hedge themselves.”

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What the Telegraph fails to mention is that the questioner, Labour MP John Mann, has been a vocal critic of Corbyn, even accusing him of ‘doing nothing’ about historic child abuse in his constituency of Islington.

The Telegraph should be well aware of this, since it gave the accusations lavish coverage when the story broke in July.

(Corbyn denies the allegations.)

John Mann’s question was legitimate and the answer from Carney was worth having.

But why did the Telegraph neglect to mention John Mann’s relationship to Corbyn?

Perhaps they simply forgot in their eagerness to carry the Bank chief’s criticisms on page one.

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7 Responses to “Telegraph keeps quiet on ‘child abuse’ row in bid to trash Corbynomics”

  1. Selohesra

    Perhaps its because the focus of the Treasury committee was the economy – other important committees discus child abuse?

  2. JohnSmith

    Good question from the MP and a good answer from Carney.

  3. bluecatbabe

    The Telegraph seems to be suffering from cognitive dissonance. Tuesday’s edition had sneery little pieces about Corbyn’s dress sense, and the amazing revelation that a cabbie who, as a Unite member has given JC a few lifts, is friends with someone in Sinn Fein. But there was also a long, thoughtful piece as the lead on the business page about how sensible Corbynomics is, how it fits even with what Milton Friedman said, is backed by the former head of the Federal Reserve, and is something that will probably have to be done before long. Then on the letters page, out of 6 or 7 letters about Corbyn, all but one were favourable. They are quite confused, aren’t they?

  4. Kev

    Its the torygraph, nuff said! Emergency bog roll, its full of shit so why shouldn’t it be smeared with it.

  5. Toffer99

    I’m convinced the Telegraph is broken. The millionaire (John Mills) they alleged to be dumping Labour to start a new party has denied it comprehensively. See: . You know what’s happened? Someone snuck in one night and unscrewed the bolt from the Telegraph’s neck.

  6. Jacko

    It’s called telling both sides of the story. Something which you will never find on Left Foot Forward.

  7. andagain

    Let me get this straight: you are complaining that the Telegraph did not go out of its way to implicate Corbyn in a child sex abuse scandel? Do you really think Corbyn would have looked better if it had taken the opportunity to point out that Corbyn had been accused of covering up child sex abuse?

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