Help us hold the press to account for demonising refugees

We have a unique opportunity to make a lasting difference


We’re sick of newspapers portraying refugees and migrants as a threat. This climate of fear poisons debate and gives politicians an excuse not to act.

MediaWatch exposes press myths with the facts that argue for positive change.  

We can make a difference – but we need your help.

We’re crowdfunding for the next three weeks to fund more stories, campaigns, research, newspaper corrections and original journalism on refugees.

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This is important right now when refugee policies are still being hashed out. We must keep up the pressure and not let the issue fall off the agenda.

We have a unique opportunity to make a lasting difference. Donate here to support our refugee project.

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30 Responses to “Help us hold the press to account for demonising refugees”

  1. C A

    They can be processed in Turkey and stay in Muslim countries, especially if they are Muslim. The Yazidis, Chaledeans, Maronites etcetera are the ones being wiped out. The Ummah needs to walk the walk and look after Ahmed and Mohammed.

  2. TN

    No! How many of these refugees from Syria are extremists in the making? LFF and James Bloodworth would be the first ones to post on here if something really bad were to happen on British soil (god forbid it doesn’t).

  3. stevep

    The mucky end of the press has already suffered a mortal blow.
    For weeks and months they have tried to demonise the refugees and reduce them to non-people.
    It has failed.
    The picture of that poor lad on the beach changed everything and started a humanitarian bandwagon rolling throughout Europe.
    We in Britain will gladly play our part, too, despite Cameron & co. begrudging it.
    Things will change so fast now, right -wing governments and their sycophants will be shitting their pants to keep up.

  4. Mick

    ‘It has failed.’

    Most people say the country is too full to take any more. Immigration has failed.

  5. stevep

    Most people are wrong. There`s plenty of room.

  6. Suleiman Mahamoud

    You mean the ones who are refugees BECAUSE of ISIS? They will tell those who are British Citizens going the other way to stand down from hurting anymore of their own people. Our security system will wipe out anyone who breaches it here.

  7. seventensandnine

    Cool. How many are staying at your place currently?

  8. stevep

    Not many, but how many are staying on the Duke of Buccleuch`s estate (240,000 acres), the Duke of Atholl`s estate (145,000 acres, the Duke of Cornwall`s estate (133,000 acres), the Duke of Westminster`s estate (133,000 acres) etc. etc. where there is definitely enough room for a good few hundred thousand refugees.

  9. jj

    Isn’t there a better use of the 3 grand you plan to raise (well, the 35 pounds at the moment!)? Such as possibly bringing in one of the many orphaned child refugees into the UK, and the start of a new life for them?

  10. 3aple

    Hold the press to account for lauding rioting, law-breaking economic migrants who’ve abandoned their own wives and children.

  11. Mick

    Yup, the old ‘there’s only standing room so long as we all squeeze on the Isle of Wight’ gambit.

    I suppose if we continue to fill in reservoirs, build over flood plains – with tragic results – and import even more African medics to cover the ills of all the other migrants we allow, for example, then we could always build undersea colonies for our own population!

    I still haven’t forgotten the letter by civic leaders to Cameron, Brown and Clegg yet! Places couldn’t cope with immigration, even years ago.

  12. Mick

    Ah, so you want IMPOSED communities of imported, unwanted masses of variable quality, surplus to requirements, just for cackhanded, cackheaded ego trips?


  13. Mick

    This EU woman also agrees that bulk-importing boat people, with no quality control checks, constitute your BETTER Islamofascist mix!

    And, of course, being LAST safe nation in the chain increases this relevance.

  14. stevep

    You are flailing around wasting energy trying to come up with a coherent reply.
    there are HUGE tracts of land in this country owned by a small right-wing elite and have been for decades, even centuries.
    If Britain can afford to erect Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, fight a pointless war to keep the arms industry happy and then dismantle it again, all at the cost of billions of pounds, it can afford to provide the resources to build a small city on, say, the Duke on Westminster`s land and still leave loads of room.
    Look into your heart and show some compassion. I know it`s difficult for a brainwashed far-right drone, but try.
    It could lead to something.

  15. Mick

    Ah, the names. Well you DO want imposed communities, as you’ve reiterated. Confirming my statements, then, is only a waste of time for the Left.

    And if we’re talking hypotheticals, we can meet our two standpoints in the middle. For if the UK can afford to build something like Camp Bastion to protect the nation’s finest when deposing the Taliban, then maybe we can do the same for some of these boat people somewhere else, too. There are just far too many, with Germany bracing itself for a top number of 800,000, according to some reports. Where will all the jobs come from to make them useful, for a start?

    And the most compassionate thing to do is make their homelands safe. Then they wouldn’t have to run that awful gauntlet of the newspapers thinking negatively about them!


    So we send the benefit payments to the landed estates where there is no housing and no work. These estate are inhabitable for good reason. Why have you not suggested this idiotic plan before for the indigenous population? Who the fuck wants to live in a Highland Estate.

  17. stevep

    The estates are inhabitable because the toffs don`t want us great unwashed on them!
    Incidentally large tracts of land were sequestered and used for pow camps in ww2, so there`s not much difference.
    I would imagine, to a refugee used to sleeping on the side of the road, a bunk in a camp and proper facilities would be approaching luxury, but what do I know.
    The proposition was a somewhat light-hearted one to see how many right-wing drones, their sycophants and trolls could be enticed from under their stones.
    It seems to have worked well!

  18. stevep

    “Punishing Dukes instead of really caring” – I laughed so hard I almost passed my bag of sweets around! That one will sustain me for weeks, are you sure you`ve never worked in stand up!
    Spoken like a true right wing sycophant. I can visualise the doffed cap and the brown tongue.
    As for making their homelands safe, we don`t seem to have a very good record of doing that sort of thing in the Middle East. So I wouldn`t suggest it if I were you, unless of course you are on the board of one of the many UK arms manufacturers keen to keep profit levels buoyant. Then again, maybe they`re already buoyant because of the existing conflict.
    The compassionate thing to do in any decent Country or state is to share wealth and resources with each other and anyone who is in need.
    Oh dear, that`s left-wing thinking, isn`t it!

  19. seventensandnine

    Not many? Or none? Why don’t you take initiative and lead by example, Stevie?

    There’s plenty of room there to do lots of things, including not inviting jihadists to stay over for supper.

    Who appointed you to decide what other people are “obligated” to do with their own property and resources?

  20. stevep

    Who appointed you to comment on it, Seventenandninesie?

    I didn`t say I obligated anyone to do anything, in fact it was up to right-wingers, that`s what would happen – nowt.

    Us left-wingers have a little more compassion and infinitely more imagination.

    Property and resources are at the heart of the matter – I`m glad you raised the issue.
    Some people have more resources than others, the landed gentry more than most. If they saw fit to offer parts of their very considerable estates to help refugees, it would please me greatly. It would show a humanitarian response to an awful tragedy.

    I expect one or two Jihadi extremists would be invited over by m`lord to share a bottle of Bolly.

  21. Mick

    Ah, yes, the left wing gambit of saying ‘I was only joking’ when even we Right wing bigots spot the flaw. You were chuntering on enough.

    But then, sticking migrants in a field, because that’s on their level, is an interesting new take on the problem!

  22. Mick

    You have a good line in comic, yourself. Tread the boards with Jeremy Corbyn.

    You’re the one who wants to stick them in broken down buildings, miles from the nearest dole office. So talk from you about safe homes and resources is really rather hollow.

    Your plan is very boss-friendly, however. If we keep having up to a million incomers each Parliamentary term anyway, there’ll be plenty more affordable labour for both the work programme AND proper job market. Even Mr. Sir in the Pound Shop can live like the real lords, bringing equality to the masses, one step at a time.

    Actually, I wouldn’t mind a Syrian to keep around the house. Good idea, we can all have our own servants at very affordable prices, due to the glut. Supply and demand.

    And it’s all thanks to YOU! (Can I join your union? What else can I learn?)

  23. seventensandnine

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  24. stevep

    You can never protest too much with a right-wing troll.

  25. stevep

    Oh dear, you`ve really lost the plot!
    I like nothing better than putting right- wing trolls straight, but in this instance I can`t type for laughing.
    If your comments are indicative of current right-wing thinking then Jeremy`s got nothing to worry about!

  26. Mick

    Well if you don’t want me, my Daily Mail and our crazee policies, you’d all better think your own plans through.

    Especially given your own Stalinist tendencies. No wonder you’re champing at the bit for union strong-arming to make a comeback.

  27. stevep

    From ex-Tu rep to Stalin in one column, weyhey, that`s promotion!
    maybe there`s something in that aspiration thingymebob you right wingers keep chuntering on about!
    Keep it up, the van will be along shortly!

  28. Jon Jones.

    The Express? Really?

  29. Jon Jones.

    Daily Express 2013: SHOCK WEATHER WARNING: Coldest winter for 50 YEARS set to bring MONTHS of heavy snow to UK

    Daily Express 2014: SHOCK WEATHER WARNING: Coldest winter for 50 YEARS set to bring MONTHS of heavy snow to UK

    Daily Express 2015: SHOCK WEATHER WARNING: Coldest winter for 50 YEARS set to bring MONTHS of heavy snow to UK

    Amazing how there are still enough brainless cabbages left who believe all this bollocks and go out and pay for it!!

  30. Selohesra

    Looks like LFF wont be much help £35 in two weeks – not very impressive

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