Richard Littlejohn calls new mother a ‘gypsy’ who ‘contributes nothing’ to society

A glimpse into the mind of a bigot, published as comment in a national newspaper


Daily Mail columnist Richard Littlejohn has written a bizarre attack on a women he knows nothing about.

He points to a story in the London Evening Standard, in which police officers helped deliver a baby in Marble Arch after a woman suddenly went into labour.

Littlejohn accepts the story could be seen as ‘heart-warming’. However, our intrepid scribbler believes the story has a broader significance.

He notes that the identity of the women, described as ‘homeless’ or a ‘rough sleeper’ in reports, has not been released to the public.

Littlejohn writes:

“A couple of the reports do say she is a ‘migrant’ and point out that Marble Arch has become a magnet for Eastern European vagrants […]

So I think it’s fair to assume that she’s one of the many Eastern European gypsies camped out around Hyde Park, who do so much to enrich the diversity of our capital city, bringing with them their traditional skills such as aggressive begging and pickpocketing.

Really? It’s ‘fair to assume’ all that?

Based on this ‘fair assumption’, Littlejohn goes on to defame the woman by association:

“A group of these valuable and talented folk recently decided to make their home at the memorial to all those slaughtered by Islamist suicide bombers on the London transport network ten years ago.

They had converted the memorial plaque into a dinner table, and were using the nearby bushes as a toilet.”

He then laments:

“Even in the unlikely event of a referendum vote to pull out [of the EU], this particular woman is now the mother of a British citizen and will never be deported.

And, presumably, now she has a baby, we will be expected to provide her with suitable accommodation and the full panoply of welfare benefits.”

This is an amazingly vivid screed considering the imaginary nature of this woman’s offences.

It’s a fascinating insight into the mind of a bigot, published as comment in a national newspaper. 

Here’s Littlejohn’s conclusion, in all its breathless hatred:

“But, honestly, what was she doing here in the first place? What special gifts do she and her fellow ‘rough-sleepers’ bring with them?

Do any of those responsible for promoting ‘diversity’ and open borders really believe that it’s a good idea to invite itinerant people with no job and no home; with whom we have nothing in common and no duty towards; and who have no intention of contributing anything positive to our society; to travel across a continent and establish an open-air gypsy camp in one of our world-famous royal parks? […]

We are all going to hell in a handcart.”

Will the Daily Mail offer the new mother, (who one hopes has recovered from the emergency birth in full health, and with a healthy new baby), her right of reply to this garbage?

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