Leaders unite to warn Cameron they will resist his EU plans

Devolved nations pledge to oppose 'regressive' repeal of the Human Rights Act


The first ministers of Scotland and Wales have issued a warning to the UK government about the consequences of voting to leave the European Union without the consent of all four nations.

Following their first face-to-face meetings in Edinburgh yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon and Carwyn Jones used a joint statement to warn Cameron’s government:

“Any decision to leave the EU, taken against the wishes of the people of Wales or Scotland, would be unacceptable and steps must be taken to ensure this does not happen.”

Calling on David Cameron to work with Wales and Scotland on his EU reform programme, the leaders of the Welsh and Scottish administrations also called for 16 and 17-year-olds to be allowed to vote in the EU referendum, as they were in the Scottish independence vote.

The first ministers also used the meeting to criticise the UK government’s botched handling of its efforts to repeal the Human Rights Act. Declaring that the plan ‘sends out a message to the world that the UK is not a place that prioritises and respects international standards in human rights’, they continued:

“It is also clear that UK ministers have given absolutely no thought to the implications of such a move for devolved government in the UK, with human rights being embedded in the devolution settlements of Wales and Scotland and in the Good Friday Agreement.

“Both our governments are fundamentally opposed to this regressive move and will do everything we can to resist it.”

The declaration comes days after Ms Sturgeon used a speech in Brussels to warn of a ‘strong backlash’ if Scotland was forced to leave the European Union against its will.

And today, Germany’s former foreign minister warned David Cameron not to count on German support for his renegotiation strategy on the UK’s membership of the EU.

Speaking to the BBC, Joschka Fischer advised the prime minister that he should not lose himself in ‘wishful thinking’:

“Angela Merkel will do nothing which will endanger the basic principles of the common market, of the EU.

“And she has a much bigger problem to address – how to find a compromise in the currency union with Greece. That’s her priority number one now.”

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4 Responses to “Leaders unite to warn Cameron they will resist his EU plans”

  1. Selohesra

    Interesting to see how Labour/SNP react to Cameron’s “negotiations” – if they say he has achieved nothing and public believe UK still trapped in corrupt EU straightjacket we have better chance of a No vote – which they don’t want. If they say he has achieved a good deal for UK in order to encourage a Yes then they risk building him up as a great leader/PM – which they don’t want

  2. swat

    Dave is one step ahead of you; he’s kicked this one onto the long grass, as you may already have head. So, next question, please.

  3. Mike Stallard

    Interest in Europe?
    This will never do!

  4. Rick

    So Left Foot Forward are all in favour of the EU bosses club that promotes the interests of global capitalism through TTIP and the supply of cheap labour to put British workers out of their jobs.

    Remember that at the last referendum on the EEC it was Benn & Foot who led the NO campaign. It is only since New Labour that the Labour Party has supported EU membership.

    The Euro has failed. The EU is failing the workers of europe.

    It is no surprise that the big supporters of the UK staying in the EU are the Institute of Directors, the CBI and the corrupt banks and multinational corporations of the City of London.

    The EU is the bosses club. Its only interest is in supporting capitalism.

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