This week’s most read: Tories vote with the BNP, the Sun’s non apology, and Npower

The most read articles on Left Foot Forward this week.

This week’s most read:

1. Tories vote with BNP to ‘set womens’ rights back 30 years’James Bloodworth

2. A shocking proposal to deprive the poor of a basic democratic right: the ability to challenge unfair decisions by the stateTom London

3. ‘BBC presenters have deeply held left-wing political views’. Do they? That’s not what the evidence suggestsJames Bloodworth

4. The Sun’s mealy-mouthed non apology for its ’1,200 mental patients’ headlineJames Bloodworth

5. Npower: no corporation tax in three years and £35million in bonuses for bossesJames Bloodworth

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