Interest in ‘Blonde Angel’ will ebb away now Maria is found to be a Roma child

At the time of writing, the news story having been the lead ‘breaking news’ item, has now slipped to the fourth story on BBC television news.

The mother of the child described as the ‘blonde angel’ found living with a Roma family in Greece has been identified through DNA evidence as a Bulgarian woman.

This news is consistent with the information provided by the Roma couple in Greece, now incarcerated and facing charges of child abduction.

The authorities investigating the case have rapidly turned the focus of their investigation into identifying whether the child was sold by the biological mother, as this would be a basis for charging them.

Police, social services, the media and some members of communities with Roma people have been driven by this hysteria to behave in ways that only reinforce racist stereotypes of Roma child stealing. This hysteria has led to the snatching, followed by the rapid return of two blond Roma children in Dublin to their families after DNA evidence showed they belonged to the families.

The case of Maria in Greece  has triggered an ugly discourse consisting of three main elements:

  • Roma people are all child abducting criminals. They like to abduct ‘blonde angels’ and turn them into ‘dancing bears’ for money; that there are hordes of abducted ‘blonde angels’, taken from wealthy white families by Roma, and this could have been the fate of Madeline McCann.
  • Ethnic minority families, and poor people, provide undesirable family environments in which to rear children.
  • Roma people will soon be in the UK in greater numbers from January 2014. British people had better lock up their blonde children as soon as possible.

That the focus is now on securing grounds for criminalising Maria’s biological parents – and possibly the foster parents – is disturbing. How plausible is it that poor Roma parents secure significant financial gains through the selling of children to one another? If the Roma foster family in Greece intended to sell Maria on, would the best time not be when she was a baby, not a child of five or six?

It is much more likely that Maria was given up under the circumstances described by both families.

At the time of writing, the news story having been the lead ‘breaking news’ item, has now slipped to the fourth story on BBC television news.

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5 Responses to “Interest in ‘Blonde Angel’ will ebb away now Maria is found to be a Roma child”

  1. Jenifer Jordan

    I remember a book by Dahlov Ipcar about the Gypsies and racial hate in America for us Native Americans in the past with the Incoming 1800 to now humans for EVERYWHERE else on the planet may also have something to do with the theft and child keeping for fear of you all being to be GELFED and GWARed into this kind of genocidal land management issue against us as a different history of human development on the planet and land accordances like in 1945 and 1967 be granted for those of us Hussein and his like have been proven to genocidal towards so we have feet to head ln an attached in this space and some hope of communications between all of us to survive rather than the Invasion of America that left Native American populations nearly extinct if not on an unalterable course because of the nature of the stolen weapons used to create the old human genocide situation at all. Hussein was not disclosed properly for his actions in America to also allow them to keep their treatie adequately and he is still not accounted for completely for the ramifications of his actions esp. given the walking bioweapons of Jackson and Bono to stoke fires on what is allowed human medical behavior. How dare you all create incendiary behavior by telling people to lock up only the blue eyed blondes-lock up all your children against your own stupity hate and unknown of self and stop the hate development there while you all have a home. We Native AMericans aren’t here to be sucked dry rebuilding Eurasia and Africa AGAIn for your problems and wars. Treat the social disease issue of it -keep better seperate and practice quarantine and save yourselves. As the first “white appearing “child in a mixed in America not here family that used to be loving towards it’s new children like me I find this statement in need of address for it’s malice and potential ramification.We had better homes here bfore this hate came and view it as a genociadal action in intent and feel better awareness warranted and better protection against the political changes in 50 years or so involving our families and communities here a warranted Hague level hope.With the repetitive unsolved theft of my medical and identity papers here inc. DNA spin and military involvement with most family I fear for the levels sunk in front of us too-no bommbs needed computer forth -murder change sex and never be found -Too freak not to be Jackson and obessionism starting things again for more money and forgetting all the rest of humans for the buck.

  2. Jenifer Jordan

    Odd in American when they give money and new family it’s seen as adoption even if there is question involving he parent. Remember the British couple that thought their adoption here i San Diego Ca was legal and the problems with the BLACKS not the Roma. Over here the blacks are practically your best child theives and think nothing of outdoing alleged Gypsy tactic to do so for drugs power of minds and government and nobody says a word. Hardly any black kids killed here now but boy watch for them because they don’t protect the white kids the way everybody over here and been forced to do nd they are lying cheating raping animals here who should not be tolerated anymore than Khartoum.They protect Indian children even less and are torturous on them most and usually with white help. We are not pro mixed human communities by drug and electrical programming here and don’t approve of the way we Native Americans are considered your dumping ground for evil humans a good course of nature and peacekeeping. The introduction of heavier Black and White community mixed here is a nightmare-disease spreads way more often, robbery and money gainning dugwars in the home like the recent French listings indicate a unattended problem,residentail and building maintenance and decay are enormous and fincially destituting he Indian and White more than the blacks and this has to stop. The Irish worked harder here then the Blacks and under just as rough of terms esp. at the hands of the Blacks so I have no qualm in saying the race war there is here like a spreading disease that is creating a genocidal level of change for real original property owners namely us undrugged Native Americans and we are due compensation and removal of these issues by their original government to their origins and our home back and in the order in which it was found.

  3. swatnan

    Exactly! Specially coming after the Madeleine McCann’s abduction.
    But I have to say that the Roma Community are their own worst enemies, and there is very little of value in the ‘culture’ they are trying to preserve. No effort is made by them to improve their literacy/educational attainment, and employment rates and social mobility. They really cannot blame anybody else. The rest of the world cannot sit idly by and let this kind of nomadic kind of lifestyle continue. They represent a byegone age, not the C21. I would like to see them integrated into society and accept the responsibilities that society expects of its citizens.

  4. Daviddickinson

    Big news splashed everywhere when the dirty Gypsies are accused of abducting blonde children. But when it turns out the child is actually a Gypsy and the parents aren’t child traffickers after-all? Nothing. Silence. Look the other way and pretend it didn’t happen. I thought this sort of thing ended at the end of World War II when the Allies discovered what was going on in the Concentration Camps. Wow, am I ever naive. These are not fringe groups attacking the Roma — it’s governments behind the removal of the children and racial profiling against the Roma. I wish I could say Canada is different, that we represent a bastion of hope in a nasty, racist world, but just this year Jason Kenney, under the tutelage of Ezra Levant, decided to stop accepting Roma refugees from Hungary into our country based on the exact same stereotypes that led to the child removals. Hungary is now under the control of the [email protected] and Canada is playing along with it. Who’s next, the Jews?

  5. Daviddickinson

    And if they disagree with the overlords — to gas chambers! Don’t laugh. This is no joke. This is where we’re heading. But some of us will stand up and try to stop it, even if the Fascists put us in jail. Not in my country.

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