Can you help choose our new logo?

We are in the process of choosing a new logo and we want you to help!

Vote for a new logo for Left Foot Forward until 6:30pm tonight. Our new logo will be based on the design you choose.

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10 Responses to “Can you help choose our new logo?”

  1. Chris

    Both are visually appealing but logo 2 reminds me of a funky travel agency.

  2. Glyn

    The bold ‘left’ in the middle Option 1, with different fonts & colours for each word, strikes me as being more impactful & memorable.

  3. Tom Midlane

    I think the designs on the left (logo 1) are cleaner. The middle and the bottom ones are especially good, I like the way the foot shape curves around the letters. For me logo 2 looks like a bit too much like a lettings agency or an “IT solutions” firm.

  4. John Woods

    I don’t like either of them but Logo 1 is better then Logo 2. Surely you must have access to someone who can help in these matters, which require subtlety and memorability. We are of the Left but must remember that the vast majority do not give a damn. Therefore the memory of what is said is more important than who said it.

  5. Jack

    The middle logo in option 1 is the best. The top logo in option 1 is the worst.

  6. Claire Andrea Williams

    If it’s left foot forward, should it not be facing toward the right, the direction you read, rather than up the page?

  7. treborc1

    Well you asked me to vote and when I tried it’s closed that a late email

  8. Graham

    Do not think any of them are very good.

  9. Lejla Kurić

    Neither & this is not the way to do this.

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