Fight Your Own Battles: Should Foreign Powers Stay Out of the Middle East?

The most recent Versus debate from Intelligence Squared and Google+.

Something for the weekend: the most recent Versus debate from Intelligence Squared and Google+.

Arguing for the motion is Sir Andrew Green, former British ambassador to Syria, and Susan Abulhawa, the American-Palestinian writer and commentator. Arguing against the motion is Dr. Shadi Hamid, director for research at the Brookings Doha Centre, and Nick Tyrone, senior adviser for the Electoral Reform Society. Chairing the debate is the Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland.

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One Response to “Fight Your Own Battles: Should Foreign Powers Stay Out of the Middle East?”

  1. Winston Smith

    I am glad Left Foot Forward have finally got the message and organised a debate on a motion like this. But it avoids the question – we have already intervened in the Middle east albeit in a Covert Operation and they are not fighting their own battles they are our assets, fighting for us.
    But there is an objection to the Bookings Institute being on the platform – they are the principal instigators of these policies which have been described a braindead in America and Insane in Britain, since they involved the use of the fundamentalist Jihadists which they thought they could put back in the box afterwards.
    This is like having a debate with Nazi representative in 1938 Should Germany Stay Out of Eastern Europe.
    The Bookings Institute are largely to blame for these foolish policies. Ever heard of a place called Vietnam? If not, heard of Afghanistan?

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