Respect implicated in aggressive and slanderous Rotherham campaign leaflet

In the Rotherham by-election, the Respect Party and Yvonne Ridley have been implicated in a campaign leaflet that accuses Labour of racism.


Campaigning in the Rotherham by-election, the Respect Party appear to have shown their true nature yet again.

LabourList has reported on this campaign literature sent to Asian households in the constituency (see right).

This divisive and regressive style of campaigning has been denied by Yvonne Ridley (the Respect candidate in the election) and her campaign, but Labour is still claiming it to be a violation of election law.

There is past precedent to this, however, during George Galloway’s Bradford West campaign, when a targeted was letter sent out, reading:

“God KNOWS who is a Muslim. And he KNOWS who is not… I, George Galloway, do not drink alcohol and never have. Ask yourself if you believe the other candidate in this election can say that truthfully.”

Although denied at the time, the Galloway team told The Guardian the day after the election that it was in fact them who had distributed the letter.

This comes after continued controversy on the views of Yvonne Ridley herself – Left Foot Forward has previously reported on Ridley and what she believes in: Ridley rails against Zionism, its permeation throughout society, the West and its foreign policy and Israel.

She has also personally donated money to Hamas.

This latest leaflet it is a disgusting example of electioneering at its very worst. It worked in Bradford – let’s hope it doesn’t work in Rotherham…

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24 Responses to “Respect implicated in aggressive and slanderous Rotherham campaign leaflet”

  1. treborc1

    Seems George has a memory problem when he was younnger he did drink and I know I saw him down a pint or two.

    never mind George the people who believe in you will soon find out your full of bull mate.

  2. Mike S

    Pedantic point, but if it’s written down it’s not slanderous, it’s libellous.

  3. roger

    which bit does LFF object to?

  4. roger

    and to be honest I can’t believe a Muslim with any decency would vote Labour anyway. Labour slaughtered Muslims by the millions in it’s ludicrous foreign adventures. In the party Muslims are only ever tokens so that Labour can grab the Muslim ‘block vote’. I’m not a Muslim but I will be sending a donation to Respect for this.

  5. Euan

    “We have also set up a database of Muslim/Asian families … using an electoral register given to us by a disenchanted Labour official” Unless that’s the normal published electoral register (in which case it’s hard to see why the source is important), have they just admitted to a breach of the Data Protection Act?

  6. Rob Marchant

    A divisive, sectarian campaign, because it’s clearly where Respect are concentrating their resources. Yuk.

  7. Newsbot9

    Most certainly. Potentially several other laws as well…

  8. Newsbot9

    You’re objecting to someone very close in ideology to you. Ah, personal rivalries, they keep the far right nicely divided.

  9. treborc1

    I see your still shouting off through your rectum

  10. Newsbot9

    You’re still objecting to the truth, yes.

  11. treborc1

    your like a virus you hang around on here to argue with somebody, no not a virus pervert that’s it

  12. Newsbot9

    Ah right, you think telling the truth is perverted now.

  13. treborc1

    No just you.

  14. Newsbot9

    That’s right, anyone who disagrees with you, as you actually *do* rather than what you say here.

  15. treborc1

    na just you, simple minded and a bit of a troll

  16. Newsbot9

    That’s right, I disagree with your far right views, so you spring into Magic Social Darwinist mode.

    You can keep talking about this, but…

  17. treborc1


  18. Newsbot9

    Yea, the truth’s like that.

  19. illiberalconscious

    Love that the respect party are taking votes away from Labour. These leftists who support mass immigration, cover up all the grooming gangs (Rotherham is the grooming gang capital of Yorkshire) who are racially targeting white children for sex. Look at other European countries they’re doing the same and you can see all the Muslim vote moving away as they form their own parties.

  20. Adam

    I am a Tory and for the first time in my life I will be voting Labour to keep the fascist, anti-Semitic Respect Party out. The Respect Party really are no better than the BNP and they employ exactly the same tactics of intimidation and violent thuggery. Who can forget the disgraceful attack on a Liberal Democrat MP by Respect Party activists?

  21. Newsbot9

    Ah yes, you hate democracy. Well, good luck with that.

    Meanwhile, your far right will be opposed by the Moderate Muslims, Jews, members of all the mainstream parties…it’s GOOD that you stand up and count yourselves, “Respect” man.

  22. Ibrahim

    Respect are the natural party of the left and will eventually supersede ‘New’ Labour. They are unashamedly anti-capitalist, eco, etc etc. At least you know where they stand so you can decide whether you are for or against them. What does Labour stand for? Economic mismanagement, mass murder, hatred of the white working class? Maybe if people had a choice on the Left, Labour would decide what it is for.

  23. mirror man


  24. Jimmy Greenwood

    Oh this is fun………..We Bradford Constituents have experienced the Mafia Style Politics and Cyber bullying of the Respect Party Officials. To be honest I worked with these guys at first and then had enough of all the bullshit. However if you speak against these people on Twitter Facebook or anywhere else you will be called Paedophile, Pervert, Child Beater, Wife Beater and they will insult your wife. Then if that does not work George Galloways Respect Solicitor will Pervert the Cause of Justice and falsely accuse you of Witness Intimidation. But heh I am made of fighting spirit ……… and I attack attack attack and they cannot do a thing to hurt me………..Why because they have done their worse……..bunch of pussies and totally false in their claims of Justice Peace and Equality. So if Rotherham wants the Taliban Wanabe Ridley and the Traitor to Syria Galloway in their midst heh it is a Democratically free Country ……………… you Rotherham are welcome to them………. Really learn off the Bradfordians they really regret their in these hypocrites. Respect Party is dead in Bradford no matter how much Chambers throws into the pot. Take a sign at how the Respect Councillors left. Fair Warning. Now come on insult me …….. I really am used to it. ………………TRUTH HURTS HUH LOL

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