Atos, Tory cuts and a diasbled man driven to hunger strike

Atos Healthcare, the company appointed by the government to test whether disabled people are 'fit to work', is at the epicentre of dogmatically-driven tragedy.


Atos, the company contracted out by the DWP to conduct ‘fit for work’ tests, has come under renewed criticism with a man they deemed fit to work going on hunger strike.

Christos Palmer, who is both mentally and physically disabled, was judged by Atos to be fit for work. As a result of the way he was treated and the company’s ignorance of disability, he went on hunger strike (in association with Disabled People Against Cuts) outside Atos in Cardiff from November 5th until 1:00pm yesterday.

Christos believes Atos is responsible for worsening the illnesses and causing the deaths of some of those they have judged:

“Atos are killing people left, right and centre. One of my friends, Karen Sherlock, died earlier this year whilst trying to claim her benefits. I want Atos staff to see me out here to know disabled people are suffering and in pain.”

This is not the only case of Atos’s policy having a catastrophic effect. Political Scrapbook reports Brian McArdle, a man paralysed down one half of his body, blind in one eye and who couldn’t speak, died the day after his disability benefits were discontinued.

Brian’s family put the heart attack that killed him down to the stress he suffered as a result of Atos’s testing. This is part of a wider problem, with many disabled people suffering health problems and even dying as a result of their being forced to work by an Atos ruling.

Uunfortunately, these incidents are not isolated. Many people suffering from crippling illnesses like Parkinson’s and cancer are deemed fit to work by Atos. Unsurprisingly there has been public outrage and calls for a policy review from the Labour Party.

With the removal of Chris Grayling from the DWP, it is to be hoped  his successor Mark Hoban will be humane and curb this disgusting policy.

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11 Responses to “Atos, Tory cuts and a diasbled man driven to hunger strike”

  1. Michael Leeson

    Action T4 (German: Aktion T4) was the name used after World War II for Nazi Germany’s “Euthanasia programme” during which physicians killed thousands of people who were “judged incurably sick, by critical medical examination”. The programme officially ran from September 1939 until August 1941, but it continued unofficially until the end of the Nazi regime in 1945 o did it?.

  2. Eddy Boyband

    ATOS labours legacy………………….

  3. Patrick

    Let no-one forget that Labour started this. It was their idea and their creation. The caring Left.

  4. cynicalhighlander

    I believe that noble John Reid is a director of that company keeping all the Labour values.

  5. Newsbot9

    And that excuses the Tories continuing it why? Not to mention changing the rules to even more ludicrous ones.

    Yes, you keep on talking down the centre, when the right’s made things even worse. This left winger ConDems you anyway!

  6. Rahul Kamath

    A lot of wild allegations in this posting. Somebody died … let’s not be so swift to blame Atos for this (and other deaths as you do above) without some proof. And the person in the article is mentally/ physically disabled enough not to work but fit enough to protest? I don’t know specifics but surely this requires a little more looking into.

  7. Newsbot9

    Ah yes, the sort of view where being caught knife in hand needs an examination of the social status of the perpetrator and the victim before a decision can be pre-rendered on what occurred…

    Of course you want to harass someone who dares speak up, who dares have people help them to protest their victimisation.

  8. Patrick

    I didn’t say that excuses the Tories continuing it. I simply stated a fact. Labour created it.

  9. Newsbot9

    And? Centralists created it, your right’s made it worse, my left opposes it. Bombing your own moral high ground is not a tactic of success!

  10. Oliver Wright-Jones

    When people suffering with cancer, blindness or paralysed from the waist down, are found ‘fit for work’ (with many of these people ‘dying’ soon after their ridiculous medicals) it is obvious that Atos are simply in it for the huge profits generated by the contracts given to them, by this coalition party. David Cameron had himself a disabled child, does he not feel any compassion for others in a similar plight, who unlike himself are not millionaires, but in poverty and desperate for a few quid to live on. Does Iain Duncan Smith (DWP) who oversees these fit tests, have a heart made of stone? What have we, the electorate voted in…a nasty party indeed, never again.

  11. Concerned nurse

    What is this world coming to where the health professionals are blamed as so many websites have highlighted these “monkeys” are sat in front of a computer simply typing what they see surely its the decision makers with the dwp who look through hospital notes and make the final cut that should be looked at here I work in nhs and the fear is over riding my work how would many of you feel with the amount of stress placed on nurses nationwide yet the sad fact is with the abuse given to us all if we all walked out then who would be there to support you in your time of need? People need to open their eyes blame shouldn’t lie with the nurses it’s not medical malpractice it’s not them according to the website that make the decisions here they are simply doing a medical.

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