Under fire over hacking? How do you prove you’re fit and proper? By mocking Roy Hodgson

Shamik Das reports on The Sun’s disgraceful front page today mocking new England manager Roy Hodgson.

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The very day after Rupert Murdoch was described by MPs as “not a fit person” to run a major company in their report into the phone hacking scandal, his flagship Sun newspaper delivered a grim reminder of the “ethical rot” that remains at the heart of his empire with a front page mocking the newly-unveiled England manager Roy Hodgson.

The-Sun-Roy-Hodgson-front-page.jpgThe front page (right) mocks Hodgson’s pronunciation of his Rs, with its headlines:

“Woy gets England job”

“Bwing on the Euwos”

“(We’ll see you in Ukwaine against Fwance)”

Criticism has been fierce this morning, with several journalists, footballers and fans tweeting their disgust; here’s a selection:

Have u seen front page of the sun this morning disgraceful journalism-what chance have we got!” – Phil Neville

“Disgustung headlines,good journo’s under pressure writing pieces for their mates and a certain paper needs putting out of circulation.” – Gary Neville

“I think today’s headline in The Sun is offensive.” – Jake Humphrey

“Must say, the front page of the Sun this morning is a hateful piece of work http://t.co/9BMvdBKT” – Ian Prior

“Ah, what a small, poisonous paper The Sun is.” – Nev Pierce

Roy Hodgson can speak five languages. The Sun can barely write in one.” – Julian R W Power

“I guarantee today’s front page of The Sun has led to some kids being reduced to tears today by school bullies. That front page is poisonous.” – TalkSport Drive

“The Sun is a disgrace. Not acceptable to make fun of Hodgson’s impediment. He speaks 5 languages, that paper struggles to write in one.” – Abigail Davies

The Sun’s front page? I’d rather have a speech impediment in five different languages than be a bunch of pricks in one.” – Matthew Stanger

“The Sun’s front page lampooning of Roy Hodgson is disgraceful. It’s not journalism; it’s bullying #hodgson #england” – Carl Y

“The Sun yet again reaches an all-time low in headlines! God help us when you report the Paralympics!” – David Clarke

“Who’s Roy Hodgson? Why are the Sun mocking his speech? Is it part of their slam a scrounger scheme?” – Bendy Girl

“Charming front page of the Sun. Hodgson has won 11 major titles/trophies, speaks 5 languages but let’s mock his speech http://twitpic.com/9g5ru5” – Jacqui Oatley

“Whatever u think of Roy Hodgson & the FA’s decision to appoint him The Sun’s front page today is an absolute disgrace #gutterpress” – The Farm


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When invited to appear on BBC Radio Five this morning The Sun refused to come on and apologise. Unfit and improper doesn’t even begin to describe them.


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