Who’ll be the next Nick Clegg?

Who’ll be the next leader of the Liberal Democrats? Will Vince Cable, Chris Huhne, Sarah Teather or Lembit Opik succeed Nick Clegg?

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Tanking in the polls, out of step with his party, overshadowed by his brother, under fire and unlikely to win the next election… Yes, it’s been another week to forget for Nick Clegg, made all the more lamentable by yesterday’s PMQs shocker and the rising tide of speculation around his leadership.

Last night, the question of who would succeed Nick Clegg as “David Cameron’s Dancing Monkey Boy” (and no, those aren’t Denis Skinner’s words), was probed on the always insightful 10 O’Clock Liveenjoy:

And what a choice it is – Vince “we don’t know what we’re doing” Cable; Chris Huhne, a man driven by his desire to change the world, with many points to put across; comedy Goddess Sarah ‘timing is everything’ Teather; and Lembit. Yes, Lembit, who last week called on Clegg to go.


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Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets – but if that’s the quality of the field, if he does quit, it may well be a case of “come back Nick, all is forgiven!”


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