Rick Perry doesn’t understand logic

Alex Hern covers Rick Perry; he remains, ineluctably, Rick Perry.


Rick Perry released his new campaign video on Tuesday, and it’s a doozy. It contains one of the greatest leaps of logic we’ve seen in a political statement for a very long time.

You can watch it below:

Here’s hoping that this style of message becomes the norm on this side of the Atlantic as well.

Ed Miliband might say:

There’s something wrong in this country when women can serve on submarines, but Subway serves sandwiches.

David Cameron speaking to the European Union:

“There’s something wrong in this Union when Greece can get a haircut, but hairdressers can’t work for more than 48 hours a week.”

Boris Johnson addressing the London assembly:

“There’s something wrong in this city when fares can go up by seven per cent, but firefighters’ wages go down by three per cent.”

George Osborne telling the house:

“There’s something wrong in this country when Unions can go on strike, but MPs have to pay for their own duck houses.”

Or maybe Nick Clegg, speaking to Sheffield Hallam:

“There’s something wrong in this constituency when students can get an education for only £27,000, but a Liberal Democrat leader can’t get re-election. Hang on, where are you all going?”

Of course, we can’t be too smug. We have Nadine Dorries.

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