Coogan: “If the Daily Mail went to the wall tomorrow I’d be delighted”

Steve Coogan savaged the feral, gutter press on Newsnight last night - reserving his greatest scorn for the Daily Mail and the paper's editor Paul Dacre.

Steve Coogan savaged the feral, gutter press on Newsnight last night – reserving his greatest scorn for the Daily Mail and the paper’s editor Paul Dacre.

Elucidating what most decent people think of the Mail, he said:

“Remember what a character Paul Dacre is and the Daily Mail, this is a newspaper which is, we chose the newspaper to be Alan Partridge’s favourite newspaper, because it has the requisite level of pompous prurience and contempt for the weak, and a xenophobic attitude and this creates this image of a, of a, of a Little England where people play cricket, drink warm beer and all the corner shops are run by white people, and that is not reality, and I don’t think that someone who presents and trades on, and trades to people’s worst fears, as that newspaper does, panders to people’s worst fears, I don’t believe it deserves to exist.

“If the Daily Mail went to the wall, tomorrow I’d be delighted, there’s lots of other, better, newspapers, it’s worse than the tabloids…”


“Well, the red tops at least wear their vulgarity on their sleeves, the Daily Mail has a certain duplicity to its nature.”

Watch it:

Coogan’s comments yesterday came after Dacre addressed the Leveson Inquiry into press standards. The inquiry continues.

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