Yet again, the discredited Sun fails to report the main story

Once again, Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper has failed to report the latest sickening revelations in the phone hacking scandal, reports Shamik Das.

Once again, Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper has failed to report the latest sickening revelations in the phone hacking scandal, as the spotlight is further shone on the discredited, disgraced former editor Rebekah Brooks. For them, no mention of Gordon Brown on the front page, nor anywhere.

In stark contrast to when the paper invaded his privacy by reporting the news his son Fraser had cystic fibrosis, causing untold distress to Gordon and Sarah just to sell a few more papers and further line Murdoch’s pockets.

The head-in-the-sand blindness to what is going on was evident all last week at the Sun, which failed to report the original Milly Dowler phone hack scandal last Tuesday, and didn’t report the phone hacking story on its front page at all till Friday, when it splashed on the end of the News of the World.

This morning, Mr Brown accused Murdoch’s News International of using “known criminals” to gain access to personal information, and of having links to the “criminal underworld”. On the gross invasion of privacy by Brooks’s Sun publishing details of Fraser’s medical records, he said he was “in tears” when told by journalists the story was about to break.

He said:

“Sarah and I were incredibly upset about it, we were thinking about his long term future, we were thinking about our family.”

And on the hacking into his bank details, and the phone hacking scandal overall, the former prime minister added:

“I’m shocked, I’m genuinely shocked to find this happened because of the links with known criminals who were undertaking this activity, hired by investigators who were working with the Sunday Times.

“If I, with all the protection and all the defences and all the security that a chancellor of the exchequer or a prime minister has, is so vulnerable to unscrupulous tactics, unlawful tactics, to methods that have been used in the way that we’ve found – what about the ordinary citizen?

“What about the person – like the family of Milly Dowler – who were in the most desperate of circumstances, at the most difficult occasions in their lives – in huge grief… and then they find that they are totally defenceless in this moment of greatest grief from people who are employing these ruthless tactics?”

In other developments, Met Assistant Commissioner John Yates, who failed to fully investigate the scandal, will be grilled by MPs on the home affairs select committee, from 11:30am; watch it live on BBC Democracy Live here.

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