Two faces of Republika Srbija: the hopeful future, the shameful past

Just as Novak Djokovic showed off the best of Serbia with his Wimbledon win yesterday, so today the world saw the worst - war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic at The Hague.

Just as soon as Novak Djokovic showed the world the best Serbia has to offer, the engraving barely cold on his Wimbledon trophy, so the world witnessed the very worst: Bosnian Serb war crimes suspect Ratko Mladic back at the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, defiant, unrepentant, disruptive, unapologetic.

Today Mladic was removed from his hearing after quarrelling with the judge, the court entering a plea of not guilty on his behalf. He faces a total of 11 counts of genocide of Bosniaks and Bosnian Croats in Bosnia-Hercegovina and Srebrenica; persecutions; extermination and murder; deportation and inhumane acts; terror and unlawful attacks; and the taking of UN hostages.

He is charged in connection with the Srebrenica massacre – Europe’s single worst atrocity since World War Two – in which 7,500 Muslims were massacred, and is also charged over the 44-month siege of Sarajevo from May 1992 – in which 10,000 people died.

So, how easy will it be for new Serbia to consign Mladic, Slobodan Milosevic and Radovan Karadzic to the past? And what does the future hold for the Serbia of Djokovic and president Boris Tadic?

The arrest and prosecution of Mladic, and the determination of Tadic to face down the ultra-nationalists who protested his capture, will do much to accelerate Serbia’s rehabilitaion, removing one of the key barriers to accession to the European Union; Djokovic’s advance to the summit of the tennis world rankings, and his imperious dethroning of Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon the icing on the cake.

Certainly, the unreconstructed elements are still there, from the pro-Milosevic graffiti scrawled on walls in central Belgrade and the selling of Mladic t-shirts at Belgrade’s main train station, to the subtle distrust of foreigners – or at least those who obviously look like foreigners.

Yet in Tadic and Djokovic – the man every Serbian boy wants to be, and every Serbian girl wants to be with, whose visage adorns billboard after advert after magazine cover – the future is brighter for Serbia than perhaps it’s ever been, even more than after the fall of Milosevic a decade ago.

As Misha Glenny wrote in The Guardian recently:

“It was fitting that Serbia’s president, Boris Tadić, himself announced the arrest of Ratko Mladić in Belgrade. Nobody has put in a greater effort to run down the indicted war crimes suspect than Tadić… What Boris Tadić has done with Mladić is to take a huge step towards the moral rehabilitation of Serbs and Serbia whose reputation was so catastrophically compromised by the wars of the 1990s.

“He deserves our support and respect.”

Though one can never forget the horrors of Milosevic, Mladic and Karadzic, nor should, Serbia now is a much changed place, its leaders looking outwards, to the future, to Europe, to the world, where its favoured son now sits atop.

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60 Responses to “Two faces of Republika Srbija: the hopeful future, the shameful past”

  1. Hens4Freedom

    RT @leftfootfwd: Two faces of Republika Srbija: the hopeful future, the shameful past: – @ShamikDas reports #NewsClub

  2. Shamik Das

    RT @leftfootfwd: Two faces of Republika Srbija: the hopeful future, the shameful past: – @ShamikDas reports

  3. Shoe Watch Repair

    Two faces of Republika Srbija: the hopeful future, the shameful past: Just as soon as Novak Djokovic showed the …

  4. Trakgalvis

    RT @leftfootfwd: Two faces of Republika Srbija: the hopeful future, the shameful past: – @ShamikDas reports #NewsClub

  5. Rod p.

    I think you need to clarify which country you are writing about. Republika Srpska or Serbia. Using Republika Srbija in english is confusing because its like saying Republic of the United States of America, it’s redundant and in the case of Serbia it’s confusing. No one refers to Serbia as Republika Srbija in English AND in Serbian. You need to correct this because no one know which country you’re talking about! Plus this is done in bad taste and spiteful to connect this victory of Djokovic and genocide allegations. Why don’t you write about America’s shameful history of committing genocide on the Native americans, expelling from land, extermination which includes languages as well. This is far worse genocide.

  6. Shamik Das

    Dear Rod P,

    It is obvious which country I am writing about – Serbia, aka Republika Srbija – and not, I repeat not, Republika Srpska – about which confusion appears to have been sown.

    I utterly refute your comment that this is done in bad taste, is in any way spiteful or connects Novak to genocide. How can it be any of those things? This is an article in praise of Novak, Tadic and modern Serbia.



  7. SlashedUK

    RT @leftfootfwd: Two faces of Republika Srbija: the hopeful future, the shameful past: – @ShamikDas reports #NewsClub

  8. Carol Wain

    RT @leftfootfwd: Two faces of Republika Srbija: the hopeful future, the shameful past: – @ShamikDas reports #NewsClub

  9. Darko Petrovic

    As a Serbian reader I must agree with Rod P. You How can it be? Well, it is very distasteful and unfair towards the Serb people that you are attempting to state that the Djokovic win has been just as viewed and important as some incident at The Hague. It is a shame that the American media is constantly referring to Serbia’s dark days in an attempt to overshadow any of its great successes over the past few years, especially since Novak has made two remarkable achievements in just a couple of days. Again, this comes as no surprise since the US media is not exactly free from bias. By doing this, and continually vilifying us Serbs, it is no wonder that the Serbian people still have bitter sentimen towards the United States. I am a pro Tadic supporter, which means I am also a pro Serb reformist, and wish nothing more than for my Serbia to become a modern nation. This is just a dream now, but we will continue to reform, improve our image and battle this kind of negative media attention which attempt to cover all of the wonderful things that Serbs have done in history (e.g. huge efforts in World Wars) with one specific event (Srebrenica).
    Zivela Srbija! Well done Djokovic.


    Darko Petrovic

  10. Noleisthebest

    you are an’s sad how people don understand that propaganda is being spread everyday across the world ..therefore you dont understand that everything you think you know is incorrect or simply made dont know of the events that took place before srebrnica where serbian people died [because american and some other media didnt mention it or there hasnt been a fucking movie about it] and you dont know that the numbers which you wrote are almost completely made dont know this because you’ve never experienced it and so you believe everything you hear or why the fuck dont you talk about americas shameful past , heck , why dont you talk about americas shameful present..america threw a nuclear bomb on japan and killed over a million innocent people ..but hey no problem ..they bombarded belgrade along with nato and also killed a bunch of civilians but THATS not important..what they are doing in irac,lybia and elsewhere – also not the way tadic is a moron and people in serbia mosly hate him because he is a liar and a thief..

  11. Simon, Manchester

    Hey Shamik

    It’s touching to read on your great concern about Serbia and it’s future and what you call a shamefull history – a truly ‘profound’ text indeed (khm sarcasm khm). Now that you’ve put this great Serbian concern to rest how about you aim your wit at what’s happened in recent US (or UK for that matter) history with all the random bombings of various countries, hundreds of thousands of innocent casualties, all the misery and destruction that followed etc. This simply cries for your attention – how about some lucid parallels on Roddick, Bush and war in Iraq or maybe Murray, Blair/Cameron and the latest Lybian adventure. Let’s hear a bit more on shameful histories and link these to tennis or does your pen only work when Serbians and the likes are concerned 🙂

  12. AltGovUK

    RT @leftfootfwd: Two faces of Republika Srbija: the hopeful future, the shameful past: – @ShamikDas reports #NewsClub

  13. beebo

    this is such simple minded propaganda. most americans can not even find serbia on a map and you expect them to know a what Srbija is? This is nonsense, Mladic is from Bosnia not Serbia and the two are separate countries. Why don’t you post all of the days Americans won a championship in some sport and put pictures of the generals who slaughtered millions of Native Americans, Vietnamese, Iraqis etc. Srebrenica was a massacre just like the Americans did in Afghanistan;

    Srebrenica saw the muslim warlord Naser Oric kill hundreds and hundreds of Serbs before the Serb army overran it;

    The Serbs executed BOSNIAN MUSLIM SOLDIERS;

  14. Tina

    Mladix is from BOSNIA.

  15. nick

    what about iraq and afganistan 2 million ppl got killed by usa and nato shame on u. ratko mladic is from republic srbska not serbia.

  16. Hens4Freedom

    RT @leftfootfwd: Two faces of Republika Srbija: the hopeful future, the shameful past: – @ShamikDas reports #NewsClub

  17. Robert

    Well ok let hope that somebody takes the courts and tell it to wake up I watched the whole piece on TV yesterday and within ten minutes had a serious job keeping my eyes open.

    It does not look like one of the most important court rooms in the world.

  18. Vrabac

    Since it is Serbia and not Republika Srpska you speak about, wha are you trying to confuse people ?

    Mladic is a Bosnian citizen and he fought as an officer of Bosnian Serb forces after a war he hided him self in several countries of the region and among these countries there is Serbia. Djokovic is a Serbian citizen who never lived in Bosnia.

    So how a soldier from Bosnia and a tennis player from Serbia could possibly be two faces of a same county for instance Serbia?!! This article really is done in bad taste and spiteful.

  19. Scott

    It is entirely unlcear as to why you have chosen to use the term Republika Srbija, which is almost never used in English, and purposely causes confusion with Republika Srpska, the Serb-dominated entited in Bosna i Hercegovina. As the partner of a victim of ethnic cleansing during the Bosnian War, I am not entirely sure why you have conflated Srebrenica and Novak Đoković’s Wimbledon win. You may think that it isn’t offensive, but it most certainly is.
    If indeed you were interested in talking about the ways in which ex-Yugoslav countries are progressing, perhaps you could look at why the British government has dropped it’s objection to Croatian entry to the EU, despite previously promising to prevent Croatian membership until they hand over their war criminals to the Hague. Serbia wasn’t the only country to commit war crimes in Bosnia, Croatia, the HDZ and the HVO were equally responsible for ethnic cleansing, especially in southern Bosnia and throughout Hercegovina.

  20. Mitar

    Insignificant, superficial and meaningless blog, and again at the top of Google’s search results list. Google would have to reconsider their methods.

  21. Shamik Das

    Dear Darko,

    This is not vilification, nor does it play down Novak’s achievements – and why have you referred to Mladic’s appearance as just “some incident at the Hague”. You know how serious the tribunal is.

    Yes, Serbia will continue to reform with Tadic at the helm – and you know the capture of Mladic and the confronting of the past is key to this.

    Dear Noleisthebest,

    You’re coming dangerously close to justifying Srebrenica and excusing Mladic – and you accuse me of propaganda.

    Dear Simon, Manchester,

    Your attempt to equate genocide with the unintended, unordered civilian deaths from allied campaigns to prevent the mass murder of innocent civilians – from Kosovo to Benghazi – is ridiculous. Your insane Roddick/Murray comparisons will only hold water if either of those won Wimlbedon while a US or UK general (who had been sheltered by the US or UK population) was being tried at the Hague for war crimes and genocide.

    Dear Beebo,

    Again, this attack on America is, well, of no relevance. And then, you, like one of the commenters above, appear to excuse Srebrenica. Open your eyes to the past.

    Dear Tina,

    He, like Karadzic before him, was sheltered, shamefully, in Serbia.

    Dear Nick,

    Mladic is a Serb – and, as I’ve said repeatedly, like Karadzic, was sheltered by Serbians in Serbia. And your point about Iraq and Afghanistan – 1. your death toll is way out; and 2. civilians were not targeted, coalition forces did not deliberately kill civilians, they did not set out to, nor did they, commit genocide – unlike Mladic. There is no comparison.

    Dear Robert,

    The sooner Mladic is sentenced, and made to answer for his crimes, the better.

    Dear Vrabac,

    This is not done in bad taste nor is it spiteful. Read it again. It is pro-Tadic, pro-modern Serbia, and pro-Novak. There is no confusion for the unignorant, nor is there any intent to confuse.

    And, once again, let me repeat that he was sheltered, like fellow war criminal and mass murderer Karadzic, in Serbia.

    Dear Scott,

    See the points already made above. There is no confusion nor attempt to confuse. I don’t see what you describe as a “conflation” as offensive. All the war criminals from the mid-90s Balkan wars should be prosecuted.

    Dear Mitar,

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments, consider them replied in kind to your remarks.



  22. slobodan

    Dear Shamik,
    first of all, Serbia’s past is not “shameful” in any way, and for you to call it that way is extremely offensive.
    This is a trial to a Yugoslavian general, not Yugoslavia itself, Serbia or even more remotely its people.
    I myself, as a Serbian living in Bosnia, feel no personal “shame”, because I know I have no doings in the Civil War.
    If you think I should be ashamed of my past, then honestly you are a bitter uninformed idiot.
    And also, your attempt to provoke Serbians with this page is “shameful” because, like in Mladic case, it is your own doing.
    Good luck in getting more informed in the future, I honestly wish you this,
    Banja Luka.

  23. Popusismikurac

    Another Indian sucking up to his British colonial slave masters. He is quick and witted to point out the standard British Mi6 propaganda but forgets how his own country of origin was raped and tortured for more than two centuries by the British colonial powers. He is right about one thing I was disgusted how the BBC chooses to post 20 articles and follow ups on Mladic but one measly article about Novak in the sports section. Keep on trucking Shamik one day very soon India will be powerful and your British propaganda will seem like a faint fart in the wind that will sweep of the map your colonial lords. India supports Serbia and is against Kosovo independence since they also have their own Kosovo, Kashmir. Jai Hind! Long live Serbia.
    “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.” — Mahatma Gandhi

  24. Luke

    Well, you got it wrong. Karadzic, Mladic aren’t from Serbia. They are Serbs but from Bosnia. Besides, what does Djokovic’ win has to do with wars in Bosnia. Jesus Christ you guys are crazy. Djokovic is from Serbia, not Bosnia. BTW Serbia was not, i repeat, not involved in Bosnian war. Paramilitaries and volunteers from Serbia were involved, but not Serbian military. I think you know that.

  25. beebo

    “Dear Beebo,
    Again, this attack on America is, well, of no relevance. And then, you, like one of the commenters above, appear to excuse Srebrenica. Open your eyes to the past.”

    what? excuse me? so let me get this straight, using the same set of standards don’t apply to all nations right? are you saying then that the US is allowed to kill and destroy its way into any nation? You are the one that needs to open his eyes to the past as you are blind to your own backyard. Who is finding an “excuse” for Srebrenica? who? the truth is an excuse? all those that committed any crimes there and in all of Bosnia (like Naser Oric who killed hundreds and hundreds of Serbs around Srebrenica) need to be in jail. you also say that Karadzic was “sheltered” is Serbia, show one shred of evidence? you said that the US did not “target civilians” in Iraq, really? why did millions of iraqis flee Iraq then? the US killed over a million people there with no sign of remorse at all;

    Lesley Stahl on U.S. sanctions against Iraq: We have heard that a half million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?

    Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: I think this is a very hard choice, but the price–we think the price is worth it.

    –60 Minutes (5/12/96)

    you are demented to think that you can even compare the crimes the USA/England have committed compared to the Serbs. Bosnia was a civil war in which 100k people and one third of those victims were Serbs who died on THIER OWN LAND!;

    here is a partial list of places the US has invaded, bombed and killed millions and millions of innocent civilians in over the past 100 or so years;

    you should be ashamed of yourself for event attempting to whitewash this history by pointing to someone else’s civil war….

  26. Shamik Das

    Dear Slobodan,

    Your unseeing, turning-a-blind-eye attitude typifies the problem; talk about bitter, uninformed and idiotic.

    There’s no intent to provoke. Read. The. Article.

    Dear Popusismikurac,

    How nice of you to highlight most graphically the anti-British, anti-American bigotry at the heart of so many of the comments on this thread.

    Dear Luke,

    Sorry, but there was clear involvement and you know it. And, for the umpteenth time, who protected Karadzic and Mladic (whom you suggest have no connection to Serbia)?

    Dear beebo,

    You are joking, right? Where do you think Mladic has been for the past 15 years since his savage butchery?

    And on your other ludicrous claims, I don’t have all day to rebut all the anti-US, anti-British tripe you’ve spouted.

  27. Popusismikurac

    Anti-American??? Show me where I was anti American. That would be hard for me to be since I am half American half Serbian. Most of my fellow Americans do not believe for one minute the anti Serbian propaganda. In fact most Americans are with the Serbs and against the Clinton bombings and anti Serbian foreign policy. In fact right now in the USA there is a huge movement of awakening and we are about to reclaim our republic. Yugoslavia was broken up by British, German and Vatican interests which are also anti American interests. I have brother Americans in the armed forces that tell me every time how they fought on the wrong side of the war. You would be surprised how many American soldiers do not hold the same views you do of Mladic and Karadzic. So don’t put words in my mouth.

  28. Sanja

    I cannot believe this rubbish is on top of Google search. Who do you think you are, judging Serbs by some propaganda you saw on CNN or BBC? I’m a proud Serb, my people have been through a lot and frankly your holier-
    than-thou approach is quite annoying. From your name I can deduce that you are a Muslim, which kind of explains the way you are sympathising with one side of the Bosnian war when clearly all sides suffered. I haven’t seen you publish a positive article on how Ante Gotovina was arrested or display anger at the fact Naser Oric was left off so leniantly. But then again, the victims at the hands of these men were Serbs, and it is well known the the lives of Serbs aren’t of much value compared to the lives of others.

    Oh and Mladic is a Serb from Bosnia, get your facts straight. Just because you are a South Asian living in Britain doesn’t necessarily make you a citizen of India, does it? I’m actually studying politics at UCL and from my standpoint your article is a sham and racist towards Serbs. Your knowledge of the issue is trivial and uninformed.

    Oh, and final words: Novak supports Mladic. Think about it.

  29. Shamik Das

    A collective insanity has enveloped this thread. I cannot quite believe there are people out there who still doubt Mladic’s guilt. Just extraordinary.

    Sanja, you’re accusing me of racism? Re-read your own comments about me and think again.

    Popusismikurac, most Americans against the Clinton bombings and the liberation of Kosovo? Really?

  30. Popusismikurac

    It isn’t a collective insanity, rather a response to your absolute insensitivity. You blatantly manage to put in your anti Serbian propaganda on a rare happy week in recent Serbian history. Do you have any idea how cruel you are to bring this up. Do you know how many Serbs that are responding to this post and maybe even Bosnians or Croatians have lost people in the war. Are you willing to tell me that my 14 year cousin who was butchered by mujahedeen fighters in Bosnia doesn’t deserve his own memorial. Are you telling me my girlfriend who was driven out of her home at gun point in Croatia is not a victim of the war. DO you have any idea how the war in Yugoslavia was a bloody civil war with no one bad guy. Why dont you let the people of the region heal. WHy do you put salt on an open wound. Do you know how many of my fellow Bosnians and Croats would agree with me compeletley right now. When Gotovina was convicted a few months back I didnt throw it into the faces of my Croat friends. Even though maybe I had every right to do as a boyfriend to the victim of that ethnic cleansing campaign. We are trying to heal in ex Yugoslavia. Everytime some insensitive saddistic uninformed idiot like you writes piece like this you are undermining the peace efforts of good people all over the exrepublics. You are doing what Mladic Oric and Gotovina could only dream off. Spreading the hatred is the business you are entering. Friendly suggestion to you is to start blogging about kittens or candy. Stop paying homage to the propaganda that was forged so that a select few could make money of the suffering of millions. You are looking for bad guys in the wrong places.

  31. Luke

    Jesus Christ you guys need to get the facts straight. Serbia’s involvement in Bosnian war was about the same as the involvement of Russia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, UK, USA and Arab league ; They all helped out in the war, but helped different warring factions. Arabs, UK and USA helped the muslims. Croatia and Germany helped out Croats in Bosnia. Serbia and Russia sent volunteers and arms to Bosnian Serbs. Thats a freaking fact. The only war that Serbian army was involved in was in Kosovo. If Serbia risked sending it’s army to Bosnia, they would have been taken by NATO. Again, these convicted Serb leaders aren’t from Serbia, and they never even lived in Serbia, with the exception of the last few years. Djokovic is from Serbia, not Bosnia. Bosnia and Serbia are different countries in case you didn’t know.

  32. Shamik Das

    Popusismikurac, “anti-Serbian” propaganda? Utter rubbish. Nothing in the article is untrue. Is it cruel to report the fact that Mladic was in the Hague, and was the lead story on Monday morning? These are the facts. The story led the news outlets. This isn’t a conspiracy nor are we all propgandists. These are the facts. This is not spreading hatred – it is a reporting of the facts. The only hatred has been that directed at me by some of the commenters. “insensitive saddistic uninformed idiot” – wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. “undermining the peace efforts” – I don’t see how, unless you’re suggesting all reporting of Mladic (or even the trial itself) should be halted. This isn’t about taking sides – as I said, all the war criminals should be prosecuted.

    Luke, and everyone, once again, Karadzic, and Mladic, wanted men both, were sheltered in Serbia, by Serbians, ordinary citizens, those in authority, many people must have known where they were yet refused to give them up. That is the truth, and the shame those who sheltered him must face. That is the point.

  33. beebo

    1. You say Mladic has been convicted already? found guilty? by whom? where? only serbs are “convicted” before the trial even begin apparently. This is why he will never have a fair trial. for those interested in what really happened in Srebrenica;
    2. Kosovo “liberated”? kosovo was is still part of Serbia for the vast majority of the world (which does not support an attempt to steal ones land). how is it that Kosovo in your eyes can be “liberated” while the Bosnian serbs can not “liberate” the serbian part of Bosnia? how? do you not see the double standard?
    3. who said anything was untrue? everything i posted is also 100% true, the americans and brits did killed tens of millions in their conquest of the world and when you can not address this then the serbs her become “collectively insane” for you? haha you are out of your league debating us on this. go write a blog about american generals and baseball players!
    4. again show us your proof of who was “sheltering” Karadzic? do you say this out of experience as Bin Laden lived amongst CIA compounds in Afghanistan? you are a joke.

  34. Shamik Das

    beebo, out of my league debating this stream of apologists? I don’t think so. And, once again, on Karadzic and Mladic, where were they found again? How did they manage to evade capture? And on Mladic, as is plain for all to see, he will have more of a trial than he ever granted the thousands he butchered. Defend him all you like; the facts speak for themselves.

  35. Popusismikurac

    Shamik, out of curiosity. How does one become a Serb hater. Were you born this way? Paid to be? Come to it from reading too much of the Guardian? Please tell me which of those apply to you or if it is a mix of them? Or maybe something I didn’t list.

  36. Shamik Das

    Dear Popusismikurac, you are sick in the head. I am not a Serb-hater. Being a Mladic-hater does not make one a Serb-hater. Being a Karadzic-hater does not make one a Serb-hater. Is that simple enough for you to understand? Need I go on?

  37. Popusismikurac

    Certainly, the unreconstructed elements are still there, from the pro-Milosevic graffiti scrawled on walls in central Belgrade and the selling of Mladic t-shirts at Belgrade’s main train station, to the subtle distrust of foreigners – or at least those who obviously look like foreigners.

    What in the world are you talking about here??? Are you talking about the same Belgrade that I know. How dare you even say something like this? Ask anybody that went to Belgrade and they will tell you it is nothing like this. What kind of background do you have to say these things? Have you ever been to Belgrade?

  38. Popusismikurac

    Here are some people that actually went there:



    And here is New York Times article
    “Belgrade Rocks”

  39. Shamik Das

    Popusismikurac, yes, I have been to Belgrade, two months ago – and that is what I saw. That’s why I wrote that. How dare you imply that I am making this up, and haven’t been to Belgrade. Take the blinkers off – look at the reality, maybe then you’ll be able to move on.

  40. Popusismikurac

    Hahaha. Ok Shamik. Your article is funny and I think I made it quite clear for people, that know even a little Serbian, that you are a mockery. Goodluck to your journalistic career. You are off to a great start. 😉

  41. beebo

    1. you said karadzic was protected by the “serbs” ((the generalizations we can open up a whole other topic on btw), again show us proof that any one person in serbia “protected” him and forget about the so called proof you have “the serbs” collectively as a nation protecting him as you implied. never in the history of warfare has an entire people been labeled “guilty” as the Serbs have. Never did i hear anyone accuse Germans, Hungarians, Croats or people from Argentina collectively responsible for “harboring” Nazis who were in their countries from the end of ww2 until even today. These are Nazis who started a war in which 60 million people died and nobody was ever held collectively “accountable”. This shows how much of a sick and perverted person you are. Again all crimes should be punished but its amazing that you only mention the Serbian ones that were committed in a civil war.
    2. again for the tenth time; where am i defending Karadzic or Mladic? you are the one who said Mladic was guilty event his trial started. This shows how brainwashed you are by western media.
    3. you are the “apologist” as you are attempting to distort history and to somehow use the worlds greatest tennis players success to score cheap political gains for some perverted agenda you have.
    4. Novak Djokovic became #1 yesterday and beat Nadal in an epic match two days ago while the Bosnian war went on 20 years ago. By 1965 the world moved on from the horrors of ww2, it is time for Bosnian Muslim jihadi apologists to do the same.

  42. beebo

    the fact that i addressed every single one of your claims and you dared not to even attempt to answer ANY of my questions or address ANY of my points shows how out of your league you are. your responses to me are weak and you can not debate me even when i am sleeping…

  43. beebo


  44. bato

    “Dear Luke,

    Sorry, but there was clear involvement and you know it.”

    Who knows? What knows? You are malicious or misinformed. For your information, I quote:

    “The ICJ presented its judgement on 26 February 2007. It cleared Serbia of direct involvement in genocide during the Bosnian war. The court concluded the massacre of Muslim men by Bosnian Serb forces at Srebrenica did constitute genocide, but that the Serbian state could not be held responsible for the mass killing, or complicity in the act.”

    You write about very sensitive things. Be careful next time and inform himself on the frst place.

  45. Slaven Jovanovic

    the hopeful future — YES , the shameful past – NO. If you have just a bit of a brain in your head and did independent research you would find out that Serbs in both Bosnia and Croatia were defending their homeland and that is nothing to be ashamed about. Would like you to call the names you deserve, but am to civilized to do that.

  46. slobodan

    I love how this man says he is not a biased in any way, and then lumps all Serbs together as a group, “OH, BUT YOU SERBS SHELTERED MLADIC”, man, really, come on now? Lose your hate, it will bring you nowhere. Poor attempt at journalism.

  47. slobodan

    Oh, and also, agreed with Beebo, he is just avoiding everything anyone says, ignoring facts and replacing it with his own ignorant self-beliefs, come on man, can you troll any harder?

  48. Simon, Manchester

    Dear Shamik the jungle King

    Firstly I must say that, from a British perspective, using words like “ridiculous, rubbish, sick in the head” etc. in correspondence with your readers is certainly breaking new ground – had you worked for a serious institution I can’t help but think you’d have been looking for a new job now on account of these manners as this behaviour certainly is not representative of professional journalism.

    As for your outcries on anti-Americanism of the comments on the blog I think you are mistaken there – from what I can see most people here seem to be American anyway and their comments are made on the hypocrisy of YOUR article and almost all opinions that were expressed in it. I, for one, certainly agree with most negative comments on here about your work.

    As for myself equating genocide and “unintended and unordered” killing going on in Iraq and Lybia today – I would imagine you missed the articles in which the “angelic“ Gen Mladic himself also states that none of what happened in Srebrenica was intended or ordered (and yes I believe he needs to be put away just as I believe that people that were active in Srebrenica area before him (Oric et al), but on the “other side”, should have been put away as well and not set free). And again, going back to your comments on “unintended, unordered civilian deaths from allied campaigns to prevent the mass murder of innocent civilians” – can’t you see what everyone else on the face of this planet apart from the Midwest religious fanatics has seen – INNOCENT PEOPLE are being butchered out there because of oil on a DAILY bases and NO ONE is writing about this with an ounce of integrity. Why not write on what is going on in Lybia/Iraq today? You know well, as does everyone out there with half a brain, that innocent people are dying – or do you believe that someone can eliminate hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians by mistake? It was “unintended and unordered” he said! I can only laugh at that! If you believe Mladic so was Srebrenica as well! Can’t you see the flaw in you logic?

    To sum things up, the problem with your views is that you don’t see the woods from the trees – your “high morality” and lamenting on Mladic/Serbia and your farfetched connections to tennis etc sound very false and hypocritical when seen in the light of things ON YOUR OWN DOORSTEP that you should really be writing about today if you were an independent thinking journalist. I suppose my error and that of other readers on here is that we made the mistake on presuming you are one – surely not to be repeated by myself! In any case good luck to you and I hope you will find the strength to open your eyes sometime…

  49. Shamik Das

    Simon, Manchester, “jungle king” – very subtle, along the same lines as “another Indian sucking up to his British colonial slave masters” and “Bosnian Muslim jihadi apologist”. And you expect me, “in correspondence” with one’s readers to say “thank you” and bow?! No. I do wonder if anyone’s actually read the original piece.

    Finally, to all those commenting on this thread, watch this:

    That is all.

  50. beebo

    Again more anti serb propaganda, clearly you have a pro bosnian muslim agenda and your journalistic quality was wonderfully summarized by Simon above. Of course you post a documentary made by the BBC which for almost 15 years (from 1993 on) repeatedly stated (check their archives or just google this) that the “Bosnian Serbs murdered 250,000 Bosnian Muslims in the war”. These were fabrications and NEVER did the BBC apologize for these lies! 100k people died in the civil war and a third of those victims were serbs (10k muslims were also killed by croats) yet we see not one thing that you have posted about the serbian victims in this war. how can you even attempt to debate me on this? have you no shame?

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