AV campaign gathers momentum

There is good news today for the 'Yes to AV' campaign. The Independent on Sunday shows "almost two-thirds of people amenable to ditching first past the post".

There is good news today for the ‘Yes to Fairer Votes‘ campaign to reform the electoral system. The Independent on Sunday carries an exclusive poll showing “almost two-thirds of people amenable to ditching first past the post”.

The paper reports:

“An exclusive poll for The Independent on Sunday says a third (34 per cent) have already decided to back the alternative vote in the referendum planned for 5 May, a vote which Labour peers are seeking to delay.

“But the ComRes survey reveals 61 per cent could be persuaded to support changing the voting system when they have heard more of the arguments for and against. Surprisingly, 54 per cent of Conservative voters are open to persuasion.

The ‘Labour Yes‘ campaign also received a boost yesterday when Ed Miliband told delegates at the Fabian Society conference that:

“We will take every opportunity to reform the way our political system works.  That is the reason I will be campaigning in favour of the Alternative Vote in the referendum. I will keep my promise.”

A debate at the conference on ‘The Democracy Challenge‘ indicated almost universal support for the Alternative Vote among delegates.

Meanwhile, the Yes campaign has “thrown down the gauntlet” to Margaret Beckett – president of the No to AV campaign – calling for a debate on the issue “any time, any place, anywhere”. Jonathan Bartley, spokesman for Yes to Fairer Votes, writes in an open letter:

“Ahead of May’s referendum it is only right that both those of us who want change, and those of you seeking to preserve the status quo get the chance to debate our issues fully so that people can make an informed choice.

“So far our spokespeople have met on just a handful of occasions on both broadcast and in print, indeed you and I spoke together on Newsnight before Christmas.

“Those occasions leave me with this question – what exactly is your argument to keep First Past the Post?

“I have listened to recordings of our sides respective appearances on television and radio many, many times. I have read and re-read the newspaper articles and yet I still cannot make out what you are saying.”

The public can add their support for a debate by signing up here.

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  1. Clea Curtis

    RT @leftfootfwd: AV campaign gathers momentum //bit.ly/hx5Vpr #yes2AV because #no2Av don't have a single good reason to retain FPTP

  2. Jon Harvey

    RT @clea_c: RT @leftfootfwd: AV campaign gathers momentum //bit.ly/hx5Vpr #yes2AV because #no2Av don't have a single good reason to …

  3. Geoff Walker

    RT @leftfootfwd: AV campaign gathers momentum //bit.ly/gz8uYK reports @wdjstraw #Yes2AV

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  6. Kevin Richards

    Its the only way to modernise politics in Britain and encourage more voter participation : AV campaign gathers momentum //bit.ly/hx5Vpr

  7. Mr. Sensible

    Will, I think an election-style TV debate might not be a bad idea.

  8. Frank roper

    RT @clea_c: RT @leftfootfwd: AV campaign gathers momentum //bit.ly/hx5Vpr #yes2AV because #no2Av don't have a single good reason to …

  9. dave thawley

    Great article. I remember the newsnight debate (you can see it on YouTube unless the o2av campaign have complained and had it taken down). After watching it a few times it showed me that Margret’s arguments did not stack up at all – in fact it was almost embarrassing that she is campaigning for something which she herself cannot factually defend. I’ve also bantered with many no2 people on the internet and most do not fully appreciate what they are saying. So far 3 people who wrote articles that I have spoken to have changed their minds after being presented with the full facts. I don’t think the no2 people will take up the offer of an open debate because whenever they do they just show their arguments are flawed. My logically deducted conclusion is that people who are running the no2 campaign are doing it for different reasons that the ones they are telling people about. A lot of people believe them but when they find out the real truth, those with an open mind quickly switch to support what is better for them and will vote for AV in the referendum. There are those ‘stick in the mud’ types who argue black is white and don’t want to take in the truth but I am sure many more people are open to trying something new. Nearly anything is better than what we have now and AV most certainly is – unless you are a corrupt MP or a millionaire backer that is – or perhaps just someone sitting on a healthy minority knowing you can do what you want against the majority of the population and they can’t do anything to you. AV gives us more power that is the truth. More power to us and less to ‘them’ (political people) is better for us and we must do what we can to show the population the truth.

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