Cows infiltrate Tube to ‘coMOOte’ to work this morning

Herds of activists dressed as cows infiltrated the capital's morning commute today to mark a new Friends of the Earth drive for rainforest-free food.

Our guest writer is Henry Rummins of Friends of the Earth

Herds of activists dressed as cows infiltrated the capital’s morning commute today to mark a new Friends of the Earth drive for rainforest-free food

The launch of the MOOvement takes place on the same day as two key speeches by DEFRA Minister Caroline Spelman on biodiversity loss and food production.  But Friends of the Earth points out that, when it comes to food and farming, the Government is ignoring the meatiest issue of all – the massive environmental hoofprint of the UK’s factory farms. 
Earlier this month, Labour MP Robert Flello wrote for Left Foot Forward on the need to fix the food chain and prevent further rainforest destruction:

“I was surprised to find out that it is not just planes, cars and factories that pump polluting emissions into the air – surprisingly the meat and dairy industry produces around 18 per cent of the world’s climate-changing gases. And when I learned from Friends of the Earth that a hidden chain links animals in British factory farms to rainforest destruction in South America, I decided my bill should do something about it…

If current trends continue, soy farming and cattle ranching alone will destroy 40 per cent of the Amazon Rainforest by 2050. But soy plantations in South America are dependent on, and driven by, factory farming in the UK and Europe – if we demand less soy it will help to protect rainforests and wildlife, and prevent dangerous climate change.

“My Bill aims to reduce British meat and dairy factory farms’ dependence on South American animal feed, by changing the way we produce meat so it doesn’t have such a damaging impact. I’m advocating Government support for fair and planet-friendly farming, instead of spending more than £700 million of taxpayers’ money each year to prop up intensive factory farms.”

People can ask their MPs to back the recently tabled Sustainable Livestock Bill at  – and you can view more pictures of today’s event on Flickr.

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