Greg Clark’s carcrash TV on Tory climate scepticism

Greg Clark failed to answer questions about his party's climate scepticism on BBC's Election Debate from. Ed Miliband, Simon Hughes and Justin Rowlatt.

Shadow environment secretary Greg Clark was at the centre of a three-pronged pincer in today’s BBC Election Debate as he was challenged over his party’s climate scepticism by the BBC’s Justin Rowlatt, Labour’s Ed Miliband, and the Liberal Democrats’ Simon Hughes.

Justin Rowlatt referred to the Conservative Home survey showing that “reducing Britain’s carbon footprint” was the lowest of 19 priorities for 250 leading Conservative candidates. Ed Miliband quoted Ken Clarke saying, “My view is that those few wild and open spaces that we have left in Britain should not be used for wind turbines.” Simon Hughes said:

“I’ve sat in Parliament and heard most scepticism from the Tory backbenches…

Why people don’t believe the science? It’s because firstly they misrepresent sometimes things like what happened at the University of East Anglia. Secondly because it’s fuelled by people with status who are seeking to be elected or are elected – mainly in the Tory party.”

Watch it:

Greg Clark’s misery was compounded when he couldn’t remember whether he’d taken a flight to go on a foreign holiday in the last two years.

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