Ed Miliband to face activists’ questions on climate

Ed Miliband is preparing for an online ‘Climate Question Time‘ ahead of the UN summit in Copenhagen next week.

The call takes place at 10am tomorrow morning and is being organised by the online advocacy group, 38 degrees. It is expected to involve thousands of activists and environmentalists and Left Foot Forward understands that he will be asked questions such as:

When will the UK Government push for serious tax benefits towards investing in renewables?

How are you going to get the US to commit to a deal?

Speaking ahead of the event and his trip to Copenhagen, Ed Miliband told Left Foot Forward:

“It is people demanding change that has, throughout history, changed the world. Nowhere is this more true than in relation to climate change, where the green movement has already moved opinion in so many countries. As we enter the final stretch, our focus is on ensuring the most ambitious, comprehensive agreement we can. The more people who speak out for an ambitious deal, the stronger our voice will be.”

The Copenhagen conference starts on Monday.

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