Don’t Panic’s new video targets MI6’s Vauxhall “torture club”

Thought-provoking new video from Heydon Prowse’s Don’t Panic group of “internet guerrillas”

Don’t Panic, the “internet guerrillas” of investigative journalism, have just released their latest video, shining a light on the alleged role of the British security services in the rendition, torture and interrogation of foreign terror suspects.

Dressed up as S&M fanatics, the film shows them trying to get into MI6, the hottest new “torture club” in London and a stone’s throw from real-life oubliette The Hoist. Don’t Panic’s website lists the forms of abuse they claim the British government is complicit in:

“Attention grasp, walling, facial hold, facial slap (insult slap), cramped confinement, wall standing, stress positions, sleep deprivation, insects placed in a confinement box, temperature extremes, music played at debilitating volumes, sexual humiliation and the of course – last but not least – waterboarding.”

Here is the video:

Miranda Sawyer, writing in yesterday’s Observer, recalls some of Heydon Prowse and co’s previous successes:

“There is a film showing Prowse digging up Tory MP Alan Duncan’s garden to put in a new flower bed in the shape of a pound sign; one of him cleaning Labour MP Barbara Follett’s windows so she won’t have to claim for it on expenses; in another, he padlocks the door to Nobu so the restaurant owners have the time to replenish its stocks of environmentally dodgy blue-fin tuna.

“One of my favourites is a film of some young black British citizens being turned away from a Dagenham BNP meeting, while a blond, Swedish, benefit-claiming immigrant – Caisa [Ederyd] – is welcomed in.”

Another favourite, let’s not forget, is Prowse’s exposé on “The New Young Conservatives” – a must-watch for any progressive.

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