Storm latest • Largest rainfall ever • Evidence of climatic change • More to come in future

The flash floods and storms that hit Cumbria are something we'll see more of, unless action is taken to deal with global warming, says Envoronment Agency head.

The Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, Paul Leinster, told Nicky Campbell on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning (1:08:23):

“I believe we are seeing climatic change, yes, and I think that the sorts of storms and the increased rain that we’re seeing is the sort of thing that we will see more of in the future.”

He added:

“This is the largest amount of rainfall that we have ever seen in a 24-hour period, so, yes, we keep the records, but, every now and again, the records get broken, and this is one of the occasions, this was a record-breaking event.”

The Met Office confirmed a record 12.3 inches of rain fell in 24 hours in the area — the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in the UK.

Environment Secretary Hilary Benn told the BBC that flood defences were meant to withstand a one-in-100-years flood — but could not cope with the volume of water.

Mr Benn said:

“What we dealt with last night was probably more like one-in-a-1,000, so even the very best defences, if you have such quantities of rain in such a short space of time, can be over-topped”

The Met Office said the amount of rain expected for all of November fell in one day. During severe floods in the UK in 2007 the Prime Minister had also made the climate link.

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18 Responses to “Storm latest • Largest rainfall ever • Evidence of climatic change • More to come in future”

  1. Shamik Das

    RT @leftfootfwd: Storm latest • Largest rainfall ever • Evidence of climatic change • More to come in future:

  2. Anon E Mouse

    So in 2007 Gordon Brown made the link between Climate Change and these types of floods.

    By agreeing the third runway at Heathrow and it’s implications for the good people of this country via climate change he should be in court.

  3. Anon E Mouse

    That last comment was rhetorical by the way….

  4. Stepney


    Largest rainfall ever! What, since 4,600,000,000 years ago? Or since 1766?

    Even the creationists seem to have abetter grasp of earth history than you – at least they can go back 2000 years without having a nosebleed.

    Typical alarmist horsehit. Whoever heard of scientific rigour and decent journalism going hand in hand?

  5. Stepney

    And you cannot have “largest rainfall”. How typical of people who know all about Global Warming and nothing about Geography, Meteorology, Hydrology or Fluvial Dynamics.

    You can have heaviest, most intense or longest duration.

  6. Shamik Das

    Thought this might flush out the extremists! Do either of you have anything to say on the actual story?! Never mind the scientific evidence, which you seem incapable of understanding, use the evidence of your own eyes.

  7. Stepney

    1 in 1000 year flood, Get a book. Look it up. It means this is the likelihood of an event happening every 1000 years.

    “Largest” rainfall ever – ha!

  8. Stepney

    Just about sums it up.

  9. Eddy Anderson

    RT @leftfootfwd: Storm latest • Largest rainfall ever • Evidence of climatic change • More to come in future:

  10. Anon E Mouse

    Shamik – Since your views are the minority opinion on this matter and as the majority don’t believe in (man made) CO2 causing global warming…

    …the only extremist that has been flushed out is yourself.

    Or are you defying logic and now claiming that majority opinion is extream?

    But you seem to have missed my point.

    If Gordon Brown knew in 2007 that (man made) CO2 caused an increase in the planets temperature which resulted in the disaster in Cumbria then why did he go ahead with Runway 3 at Heathrow and coal-fired power stations?

    I think Brown knows this is a load of unproven drivel, especially since the planet is getting colder but goes along with it for the taxes and public opinion.

    I don’t like the man (look I’m in the majority again Shamik) but you are effectively asking me to believe that the Prime Minister of Great Britain has knowingly allowed a massive contribution to Global Warming. I do not believe he’s that bad Shamik – logic says you must do but I don’t.


  11. Arnold B Smith

    Shamik Das – It is quite clear you are out of your depth here and Anon raises a good point.

    Do you believe Gordon Brown actually believes this climate change stuff or not? If he does to then approve the runway at Heathrow and coal fired power stations is a criminal act.

    So which is it Shamik? He believes in global warming but doesn’t care in any event? Charming man – he needs to be arrested…

  12. Brucey Banner

    This is from his website and tells you all you need to know on Shamik Das guys. “I MEAN, I’ve heard of dreadlocks… Juuuuust kidding! M. Henry’s still a class act, one moment of unsportsmanship will never erase all the good he’s done. And in any case, who among us, who among us, could honestly say, honestly say, they wouldn’t have done the same?!”

    Guess what Sham. Anyone who is an honest sportsman would not say cheating is fair if you can get away with it or not. Cheating is wrong and you are SO New Labour Shamik Das it hurts.

  13. Anon E Mouse

    Told you they were fiddling the data.

    Forget the emails. Anyone who writes computer programs in a high level language, such as C, puts in comments to remind themselves of what the code is dong and to allow future programmers to make changes to the code.

    There are two files normally generated, a “Source Code” file (where the comments are) and the compiled file or “Object” (.obj) file or .asm file.

    (I’m a 1980’s Z80 man so this may be dated but you get the point)

    The file, after compiling, has the comments and other stuff removed and it is basically (no pun there) the “computer code” for the machine to run on.

    So the climate change programmer has left his comments here:

    Personally since they don’t include the effects of the sun I can’t take the data seriously but I’m surprised that this terrific blog, being progressive as it claims, hasn’t picked up on this.

  14. Shamik Das

    You know the deniers are getting desperate when they start getting personal. Using your logic, Anon, might I ask why you are so opposed to a third runway if you don’t believe there’s any evidence of man-made climate change? In your opinion, it won’t the blindest bit of difference, so why oppose it?!

  15. Anon E Mouse

    Shamik – I don’t oppose it. Why would I? Once again though you seem unable to answer the question.

    Do you, Shamik Das, think that Gordon Brown does believe that man made CO2 emissions cause global warming? Simple question Shamik. Try YES or NO.

    This is a good blog Shamik but in my opinion you keep making statements that are not true about people and then you won’t back them up. None of the other moderators do this. Tell me where I got personal about anyone. I do not make comments about people unless they are accurate but you seem to think it is OK to do that. When has Will Straw ever done it?

    To keep posting that people are “deniers” and “extremists” when we are in the majority is ridiculous but it is also not true.

    You have no scientific evidence to back up this stuff you claim and neither does anyone else. You can keep making statements about people who don’t share your views Shamik but if anyone on this planet had any evidence they would have produced it. They haven’t but your reply will be about individuals and not the science.

  16. Simon Arnold

    RT @GreenRupertRead: incl. today…

  17. Anon E Mouse

    Shamik – I also agree with Brucie Banner that to effectively advocate cheating in sports, as you do on your website is wrong.

    And read what I have just said carefully before you go off on one against me – you seem to be attacking me when I have done nothing other than have an opinion you disagree with.

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