Shadow Cabinet “haven’t run a piss-up in a brewery”

The head of the Conservative councils’ innovation unit and leader of the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham has launched a blistering attack on the competence of the Shadow Cabinet.

In a discussion on increasing efficiency through reforming local government, reported by Public Finance magazine, Stephen Greenhalgh said:

“My mates are all in the shadow Cabinet, waiting to get those [ministerial] boxes, being terribly excited. I went to university with them, they haven’t run a piss-up in a brewery”

“They’re going to get a department of state, in one case running the finances of the nation.”

Earlier this year Mr Greenhalgh was in the news for his secret plans to demolish 3,500 homes in his borough.

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12 Responses to “Shadow Cabinet “haven’t run a piss-up in a brewery””

  1. Stepney

    The current cabinet have pissed all over the brewery.

  2. Tory Bear

    what had the incoming labour government ever run when they came to power in 1997?

    Remind me how many of them had ministerial experience compared to the tory shad cab of now?

  3. Shamik Das

    RT @leftfootfwd: Shadow Cabinet "haven't run a piss up in a brewery" says Tory Council chief Stephen Greenhalgh

  4. Tim Nicholls

    RT @leftfootfwd: Shadow Cabinet "haven't run a piss up in a brewery" says Tory Council chief Stephen Greenhalgh

  5. Anthony Painter

    RT @shamikdas: RT @leftfootfwd: Shadow Cab "haven't run a piss up in a brewery" says Tory Council chief Greenhalgh

  6. adamdustagheer

    Shadow Cabinet have quaffed champers but “haven’t run a piss-up in a brewery”

  7. Lucy Openshaw

    RT @leftfootfwd: Shadow Cab "haven't run a piss up in a brewery" says Tory Council chief Greenhalgh

  8. Richard Blogger

    Harry, your comment is irrelevant. The Tory shadow cabinet not only “haven’t run a piss up in a brewery”, they don’t know how the brewery works and have no plans about making the piss up work.

    They are policy-lite and what few policies they have are riddled with unworkable half-arsed promises.

  9. Anon E Mouse

    Richard Blogger – I’d rather go to a party and get pissed with these guys than Andy Burnham or Liam Byrne or either of the Milibands with their wine spritzers.

    And this current government fiddles while Rome burns and the country goes to hell in a handcart… you have had 12 years to fix this gaff and you’ve blown it – the electorate of this country “holds a massive bucket of shit and next year we are going to pour it all over your head”. (I pinched that last line Richard by the way)

  10. Henry

    Very profound thinking, Anon E Mouse.

  11. Richard Blogger

    Anon E Mouse, ROFL. I think I would avoid any piss-up organised by any politician – or at least, if I was forced to attend I would make sure that I left my wallet at home…

    Anyway, talking of preferred drinks, Cameron was photographed at the Spectator party with a Bucks Fizz – not what I would call a drink. I wouldn’t mind going out on a session with William Hague – he looks like he’s a real ale drinker – but I would refuse to do any judo practice with him, before, during or even afterwards.

  12. Anon E Mouse

    Richard Blogger – You know what I’m with you there on not having drinks with politicians from any party and if I shook hands with them I’d count my fingers afterwards.

    Hague’s accent would do me in to be honest, me being a Manc and him with that “Eh Up Lad, Where’s Thy Ferreet” Yorkshire stuff (no offence).

    Tony Benn I’d go drinking with – the history that man has seen I wouldn’t want to miss and also John Prescott would be a great night out (can’t stand his values but he looks like fun). Wouldn’t mind drinking with Eric Pickles – can’t believe he was a paid up member of the Communist Party. Mad!

    Henry – That profound comment was actually aimed at John Major many years ago about the ERM… it was ironic.

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